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Pictures of private aircraft

celebratees on planes in the 1970s: Photographs What about when they got on the plane? From the same decades - when flying was not the dehumanising dream it is today - film star lets and performers unwind, celebrate and posture on their private planes. On his 1974 USA trip, Elton John traveled on a private plane with a pianobar.

During the Rolling Stones' 1975 AMTourn. In 1975 KISS welcomes with army officials. In 1975, Keith Richards and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones talk on their plane touring. In 1978, Eric Clapton held a videotape in a private plane.

In 1975 Roger Moore played an electrical keypad on board a private plane. on her own plane in the '70s. In 1975 Cher took a plane to Los Angeles with Chastity (now Chaz) Bono. While smoking a smoke, Ronnie Wood is on board a plane during the Rod Stewart and Faces' 1975 America tour.

In 1970 Hugh Hefner and his friend Barbi Benton were on Hefner's private plane "The Big Bunny". Rhod Stewart in a plane during the Faces' 1975 America concert tours. In 1975, Elton John was in beds aboard a private plane. Travolta shows his private plane for an 1978 David Frost interviewer.

STEVE TYLER aboard an airplane in front of an Aerosmith show in Michigan in 1976. The percussionist Ollie Brown is relaxing with a Rolling Stone show while touring with the Rolling Stones in 1975. Robert Redford is wearing a pilots apparel for a 1975 The Great Waldo Pepper szene. Jagger is reading a newspaper on board the Rolling Stones' private plane during their 1975 Americas outing.

In 1970 Frank Sinatra arrived in Great Britain with his private Gulfstream aircraft. Zeppelin's Led John Paul Jones and his Mo aboard the "The Starship" during a 1973 America touring. Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie is on her private plane in 1975. In 1971, Hugh Hefner boarded the Playboy Jets.

Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones is playing electrical organs on a private Boeing 720B aircraft known as "The Starship", which the group toured with in 1973.

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