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About officially tells Congress about his flying car plans. Über will use flying automobiles internationally in a third UberAir test town. Über wants to take flying automobiles to heaven, and it has selected five nations that are perfectly suited for the transportation of the present. After Dallas and Los Angeles, the rideshare carrier is formally establishing a third test center for its UberAir initiatives and has agreed to work with five different nations to introduce UberAir to the international market.

About announced this at his Uber Elevate meeting on Thursday in Tokyo. Australia, Brazil, France, India and Japan are envisaged as possible locations for the tests, which will be carried out via test flight, street tests (Sky-Testing?) of the technologies and cooperation with the regulatory authorities to create the frame for the realisation of on-demandviation.

" According to the firm, it is now formally working with regulatory authorities and urban developers in the five federal states with schedules to announce its third UberAir test town within six month. By name-checks a number of towns and counties in each county in its notification. As UberAir lifts off the floor, you will no longer see limousines with screwed wing panels.

Also known as DVTOL airplanes (short for electrical perpendicular takeoff and landing), these cars look more like future-oriented amateur drone planes that have been enlarged for people. Consider several propulsion units, hydrodynamic, air flow and high technology electrical power systems (the director of electrical power, Celina Mikolajczak, came from Tesla to the company). Currently, Uber is working with Embraer and Boeing Aurora Flight Sciences to create cars, and the airline presented its first draft version of an AVTOL conceptual car at its second Uber Elevate meeting in Los Angeles in May.

eCRM-003, as known by Uber in-house, has four sets of co-rotating rotor blades (a combined of eight propellers) powered by electrical motor to generate uplift. Due to this uplift, the airplane does not need a long take-off and landing strip, so that the take-off of a plane is as easy as descending from a "Skyport" on a structure.

About also says that the electrical engines ensure a much smoother and more effective ride in comparison to a heli. About has previously said that it wants to bring flying automobiles to the floor in Los Angeles by 2020, with UberAir planning an on-demand airport cab by 2023.

Rolls-Royce, Boeing and Kitty Hawk (the Silicon Valley darling funded by Google originator Larry Page) are all working on designs that will take the shape of on-demand aerial taxi, high-tech lifeboats and, in the near term, even pilotless personnel flight-cars.

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