747 Private Jet Price

757 Price for private jets

747 Boeing - 153 million dollars. ( NYSE: BA) was launched in 1970, and the first aircraft were sold at a list price of $24 million. Private jet costs vary from a few million dollars to several hundred million dollars. List price is now about 88 million dollars.

First Boeing 747-8 private jet is here -- and it's a mansion in the skies.

Private aircraft such as the $65 million Gulfstream G650 or the Bombardier Global Series are the embodiment of luxurious aviation for most individuals, but there are few who can do more than that. They turn planes into private aviation mansions. In order to satisfy this need, Airbus and Boeing have started to sell "VIP" aircraft under the Airbus Corporate Jet and Boeing Business Jet brand names.

Most of these aircraft are built on smaller Airbus A 320 or Boeing 737 aircraft, while one of the latest conversions to passenger VIPs has taken deluxe to a new heights. Track Business Insider Australia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Donald Trump's private planes have nothing of the Qatar leader's navy, Style Magazine.

Your airplanes, of course. Meanwhile, you've probably seen President Xi arriving in Hong Kong on the twentieth jubilee of the city's transfer to China. No matter whether you actually watched Xi closely or just tried to take a look at what First Lady Peng Liyuan wore on the event, the solid Boeing 747-400, which dominates the backdrop of the flag-waving, bodyguardjostling crowd, you probably didn't miss it.

It is not always the case that when it comes to global leader and their aircraft - and the hidden superiority we are sure to find behind the curtains - is greater and better. Rather, the most potent men and woman in the globe demonstrate their aviation power through volume, capability, size und outlay.

You may be surprised to know US Air Force Chairman Xi doesn't own his aircraft. Both Boeing 747-400s will be checked by screening and equipped with a lounge, master suite and executive suite when the Air China Executive has to leave, but they will be reset to scheduled passengers for the remainder of Air China's work.

The next times you are flying Air China aboard a Boeing 747, you may well be looking out the same door as the China presidency on state missions. Whereas the former UK Premier David Cameron sometimes liked to be on the savage side and sat on airplanes with frequent pleasure, May has no spare moment for this silliness.

Your Airbus will have a convenient Airbus cabin with 58 ministerial and deputy and 100 journalist VIP cabin configurations. As the A330 has the highest seating capability of any aircraft on this schedule with the capability to carry 160 people, we expect the rest of the two seating positions to be for May herself and her girlfriend.

The Air Force One is probably the most popular of all President airplanes, as it was strongly represented in TV, book and films - especially in the 1997 movie with Harrison Ford, actually called after the airplane. Trump is the one of the global market leader whose airplane is the oldest, the two VC-25As have been in use for more than 25 years.

Your squadron comprises four Airbuses, a Bombardier and a helicopter. However, according to the travel range, it can also select between a Eurocopter AS532 for close range flights, a $70 million Bombardier Global 5000 or two Airbus A319-133X C4Js with a combined volume of approximately $300,000,000,000. It is therefore not surprising that he has flown with a group of 10 planes to Japan and with a group of eight planes to Switzerland.

In August last year, the total number of planes in the Emir was 14, but that is not enough for the Emir. From time to time he enjoys using a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III airliner or a Bombardier Global Express BD-700-1A10 to keep us on our heels.

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