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"Hanoi dishonest taxi drivers & meter scam". Try to avoid Group Taxi, the worst taxi company ever in Vietnam.

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Transferservice: Personal transfers, e.g. from or to the airport, to the offices, to an exhibit or an outing. Toll and toll charges are inclusive - no extra concealed guides are not including. Payments are made directly to the rider at the end of the journey. What is our services like?

What is the best way to reserve our services? Only 3 easy ways to make a reservation. Stage 2: Receive your verification e-mail and coupon within 24hrs, sometimes within 1hr. Prepayment not necessary! Stage 3: Your money will be paid at the end of your journey.

Airport Guangzhou - Taximöglichkeiten

As Guangzhou has no transport issues like Beijing or Hong Kong, it may be advisable to take a taxi to the center of the country if you are not familiar with bus or subway services. Don't get excited if you see cabs with more than one color, they are owned by different businesses.

They can find cabs in blues, yellows and crimsons, while in the city centre green, gold and yellows are also available, which belong to small locals. It'?s a 25-minute drive. You will find taxi cabs 24 hrs a day in front of the main terminal hall in taxi lanes. Guangzhou Airport is serviced by the following taxi companies:

Guangzhou taxis are less expensive than other major China destinations. Mean costs for the airport Guangzhou to downtown are RMB 120uan. Guangzhou taxi rates are 10 yuan for the first 2.5 km, 2.6 yuan per kilometer between 2.5 and 35 km, and 3.5 yuan per kilometer after 35 km.

Even if you are going to take a taxi for a long journey, you can still agree with the chauffeur on cheap rates as you can get a fair rate. Watch out for possible cheating with taxi riders. Don't rely on people approaching you in the arrivals hall and asking you to drive their car into town.

  • Listen not to the chauffeurs who will address you in the arrivals hall. Probably they would give you a discount on the trip, which could be a fraud. - The first thing you need to do once you have reached your final destination is to request the bill before making the payment. - You must clearly ask the taxi operator how much the trip will be, as some taxi operators may alter the fares halfway before the trip.

If, instead, the rider chooses to alter the tariffs negotiated on the track, he threatens to call the cops. - As some taxi riders may ask you to foot the bill, they have no cash to foot the bill. A lot of tourist have told that the chauffeurs have given them coins for counterfeits if they have payed with large sums.

A lot of cabbies don't know English. Shared use of auto applications such as Uber and many others is a useful way to get to your goal at a lower price than the above mentioned alternatives. Consider splitting your journey with more than one person or just joining another one.

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