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chopper taxi

The helicopter taxi of Bangalore International Airports flies you to the Bangalore Air Base for 65 US dollars. Would you like to save a three-hour trip to the airports in some of India's most serious road situations? Now Bangalore offers helicopter transfer between the town and its airports for around 65 dollars. On Monday, the gate to Indian Silicon Valley started its HeliTaxi taxi services and promised to transfer the 40 mile journey between the Electronic Centre in Bangalore and the Indian Air Base in 15-minute time.

Clients can reserve their helicopter trip via a portable application. Although the Bangalore International Services company, which claimed to be the first of its kind in India, has only one line to offer, Bangalore International Airports will be adding more as soon as it has received permission for helicopter landing in the town. For many travellers, HeliTaxi is not an inexpensive alternative, as a crossing for the same trip costs less than half as much.

However, Bangalore and Thumby Aviation airports, which operate the facility, say it is a viable replacement for a sedan for technical managers in a rush. "She added that this is not an inexpensive choice, but it is an choice. On their first flight, the helicopters brought around 8 clients to the airfield, said Thumby Aviation CEO K.N.G. Nair.

So far, the airline has specialised in chartering privately chartered aircraft for civil servants and own and operate the helidecks. A number of other India state administrations have asked Thumby to launch similar operations at their main airport, and the airline is now considering these suggestions.

Hubschrauber taxi apps provide an escape from traffic-related gigacities.

Just a few moments after booking an apartment trip, Agostino Farandes looked out from a helicopter taxi high above Bangalore onto luxuriant greens - one of several over-style helicopter operations starting to help commuteers cope with the ever -overburdened mega-cities. Less than 30 mins - a fourth of the amount of street traffic it would have taken from Bangalore's inner city - strolled across Kempegowda International Airport to its gates.

"It' s much better than a normal taxi or automobile because it will save you time," he said to AFP. "Bangalore, which is called the Indian capitol because of its park and garden, has a beautiful panorama. "From New York to Jakarta, helicopter air rescue teams have been launched to help commuteers overcome congestion.

Helicopter chartering has been available for years - at a single cost - but the latest helicopter charter service is much less expensive and more available to the general public, so anyone with a smart phone and major bank account can order a trip with relatively little effort. Bell Helicopter's Asia Pacific CEO, Sameer Rehman, said chop makers would predict more such service provision, particularly in traffic-induced parts of Southeast Asia, and described it as an "important testing ground" for the broader area.

A similar ministry was recently established in the Indonesian capitol Jakarta, a messy 10 million inhabitant metropole suffering from some of the worlds most severe traffic congestion. Helicity is run by Whitesky Aviation and today has approximately 60 clients per capita each year, mainly from the corporate community. Among the amenities are a 20-minute drive from Jakarta International Base to the center of the town for Rupees six million ($430) for up to four passengers, and a 45-minute trip from Jakarta to Bandung, 150 kilometers (90 miles) away, for Rupees 14 million.

Although it provides an alternate to hour-long congestion and is less expensive than chartering privately in the past, fares are still out of range for most Jakarta residents, where the average annual salary is around $250. It hasn' t always been simple for Whitesky lately - one of their choppers fell last Monday on Indonesia's Sulawesi hub as it was flying over a coal mine area, causing one casualty on the floor and four passenger injuries.

HeliTaxii took off from Bangalore, one of India's most overloaded mega cities, in March and offered a place in a helicopter from the airfield to the IT Industriepark Electronic City for about 65 dollars per capita - the same trip that Fernandes took on the start date. Situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, AP Voom provides a 30-kilometer helicopter flight to the Sao Paulo International Center for approximately $150 - ten time less expensive than a privately chartered helicopter in the past - while in New York, a helicopter hauling facility transports passengers between the city center and nearby highways.

Helicopter landing pads have developed quickly in recent years, but a large number are privately owned, and monitors are warning that many have not been classified as secure by aeronautical agencies. Denon Prawiraatmadja, Whitesky Aviation's CEO, said that since the Jakarta Service's five-man helicopter base is intended for civil use, they are currently only permitted to operate between 6:00 and 18:00 hours.

Similar to Bangalore, Helitaxii is only permitted to operate from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and in a later period from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.. Whilst the prevalence of such service is increasing, industry experts say it is unlikely that there will be a large number of helicopter cabs flying into the sky once price - although lower than before - remains a hurdle.

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