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Owning a private jet means avoiding queues, leisure facilities, time savings and security. 747-8 Boeing Greenpoint VIP: About Luxury Private Aircraft From a Boeing 747-8, Greenpoint Technologies turns a V. I. into a fortress in the sky fit for a Commander in Chief. 747-8 - one of the most popular Boeing´s model - has a business model with a huge 445 sq ft (4,790 sq ft) cab, three floors and a 450 passenger seating area.

Utilizing its size - 20 ft (6.1 m) in width and 250 ft (743 m) in length - an unknown customer, the specialist firm Greenpoint Technologies commissioned the adaptation of its 747-8.

Three years of tough work led the Washington, USA-based company to recently deliver one of the world's biggest private jet VIPs - and undoubtedly the most luxury. With a strike value of 358 million dollars, the new Boeing 747-8 required an extra 200 million dollars for modernization. Capable of flying on a 17,020 km long plane at a rate of about 1,195 km per minute, this stunning and unbelievably luxury jet is the first airplane of its kind to experience such an adaptation.

There is a large conference room, a 14 person dinning room and two large lounge areas with couches, low table and large TV sets. Further amenities are a private study, a private stateroom with private bath and a large ensuite enrobed master bedroom with stunning view, a private lounge and fully fitted ensuite bath.

At Greenpoint Technology we created groundbreaking styles and cutting-edge technology for the new car, and although it has not been validated, the recently revised car will be available in forthcoming series. The new Boeing with the Aerolift system, an lift for up to four persons that links the two lower planes of the plane with the take-off and landing runways, is also part of the customized layout.

The Boeing 747-8 is the only Boeing 747-8 from Greenpoint Technologies with a total initial purchase cost of more than $500 million. It is a truly exceptional and exceptional plane, designed to meet the needs and desires of its owners.

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