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The Fredericton wife is sharing cab trouble after the driver has refused her services.

The difficulties of a Fredericton lady to get a cab home this week-end have left a good impression on many in the town. Pinchin Karen says that she tried to get from Fredericton to the northern side of town, Saturday evening - about eight moments away - but the bus was denied by several cabmen.

"He said no, no, no, and roll up the windows right in front of me," Pinchin said. Eventually she got into a taxi, but Pinchin says the chauffeur said she should get out when she said where she was going. Then Pinchin asked the taxi attendant to call her another taxi, which she says he was pretending to do first.

As Pinchin says, the rider was reluctant to bring her home after being asked to do so by the company's dispatchers. Mann Rodney is living on the northern side of Fredericton and says he has a similar experience. As Pinchin says, she knows why riders want to ride shorter routes through the city centre to earn more cash, but she doesn't think that gives them the right to refuse it.

Fredericton's Taxiverordnung states that riders can decline to provide services to someone for only four reasons: if the individual is drunk, if the individual is required by the rider or company, if the individual is not able to afford the journey, or if the individual is requesting luggage or an pet (other than a guide dog).

Mayor Fredericton Mike O'Brien says that cabmen might try to get less floor covering to get more fare, but he says cab operators will be approached to make sure the regulations are followed. "If not, there will be a major debate with the whole cab business. That is something that must be resolved and resolved immediately," O'Brien said.

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