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Are you interested in becoming a taxi driver? Register Now. Make up to $1,700 a dollar a month as a cabbie! Please note that I have carefully reviewed and understood the driver privacy statement. What is the procedure for processing a driver?

What do I have to do to get a cab fee? In order to obtain a permit (s), all cabbies must undergo a police check and are tested for drugs and alcoholic beverages annually and randomly before being hired.

Make up to $1,700 a dollar a month as a cabbie!

New York taxi sixth man kills himself after fighting financial losses.

On Friday evening, a six-year New York cabbie took his own lives, the last in a series of suicides that shook the sector and drew people' s attention regarding its recession. 59-year-old Abduel Saleh is a Jewish migrant from Yemen and the 6th rider to have died of assisted assisted death in the last eight month, according to the New York Taxis Workers Alliance (NYTWA).

NYTWA Managing Director Bhairavi Desai said Saleh had been unemployed for two months. She said he and his driving companion Qamar Chaudhary had taken her cab after dividing nights and dayshifts that lasted seven years up to 12hrs. Chaudhary's co-usin had given him the chance to ride with Uber, and Chaudhary gave Saleh a similar chance, Desai commented.

"Mr. Saleh still wanted to take a taxi, so he decided what to do," she said. It added that taxi and Livree riders have no pension to resort to and would only experience more destitution if they turned to Uber or Lyft. "Chaudhary said to the New York Post that Saleh "sounded angry and down.

" NYTWA is planning to hold a news briefing in front of New York City City's City Council on Monday to discuss Saleh's demise and the current financial distress it claims to be facing. According to the NYTWA, many cabmen work more than a tens of working hours a days, seven working days per week, but are buckled up in hard currency after the disbursement of auto and cab medallions.

An issue that many in the sector point to is a flood of riders as car pools such as Lyft and Uber have raised the number of automobiles on the street. Another five New York live and taxi riders who have fallen into financial difficulties have taken their own life in recent years, first and foremost Douglas Schifter, who committed suicide on the stairs of the city council.

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