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Some of the most famous places for privat jets all over the globe Although the exlusive rental aircraft market seems to be a million (air) leagues away from the number of passengers, surveys of who, what, when and where to use personal jet aircraft show some startling facts. You propose that there is a new privately-owned aerospace scene at work, charters privately-owned aircraft - without them - to become the new normality for the world's super-rich.

Whose plane is that? This is an exlusive world: PrivateFly, the British privately owned jet charters firm, has published its latest Consumer Insights Survey, which throws some light on the premium class of premium travelling. According to the Jet Traveler 2018 Survey, which was prepared by Wealth-X and the VistaJet jet rental group, more than every third (35%) owner of a personal jet is valued at more than $500 million.

Nineteen percent of jet operators are connected to the business world. Jet Traveler Report 2018 says more than one in three jet operators is valued at more than $500 million. There is an increase in the use of on-demand jet apartments and privately owned web-sites. Several travellers opt to participate in a privately operated air travel programme - an appealing choice for those who do not want to be detained because their own plane is out of use.

According to the Jet Traveler Report, this share of very affluent passengers also works predominantly in the areas of finances, banks and investments. The use of on-demand applications and charters such as PrivateFly and VistaJet has also increased. These pages allow you to reserve a jet for a journey that will take place next weekend, morning or even in the next few lessons.

According to PrivateFly, the quickest period from reservation request to launch in the first half of 2018 was a fast 1h, 14min and 39sec. The majority of jet operators work in the financial sector. London leads the ranking of the most preferred international PrivateFly client according to PrivateFly's latest ConsumerInsights Report.

From London to Paris, the Privatjet is a particularly coveted public transport option. The New York-Washington air link is named by Knight Frank's Wealth Report as the most beloved air link overall, with 5,106 privately operated services taking off on this air link during 2017. From New York to Washington is the most favorite air travel destination for privately owned jets.

It is the second most beloved international tourist resort among individuals travelling by air, followed by Los Angeles, which is also the most beloved US city. The Knight Frank says Los Angeles is the second most beloved Las Vegas flight after Las Vegas, with 4,753 departures during 2017. It is also a favourite spot for privately owned jets.

Favourite holiday resorts of Nice in southern France and Las Vegas in the United States are also among the most famous locations for privately owned jets worldwide. "Las Vegas's importance as a conference venue and its fame as America's adults' adventure park make it a prime target for privately owned jets," says Villano.

Who' s travelling on the personal jet? If you imagine a privately owned jet passanger, you are probably a one billion image like Hugh Hefner, depicted, in his 1970s era hydey. The latest PrivateFly survey shows that 72% of PrivateFly customers are men and have an avarage of 39 years. This is not an indicator: according to the jet traveller's account, the vast bulk of jet travellers are males.

Stereotypical skirt stars slurping bubbly at the taps may be the exceptions, not the rules, but the jet business is anything but including. Mr President, the international jet transport scene affects some basic social disparities. It is the empire of the superrich, and this is a predominantly masculine one.

They don't have to be quite so overly affluent to hire a personal jet - the Jet Traveler review proposes that more female jet owners order aircraft on request than they own them. In 2018, too, the majority of jet owners are still males. Whilst the mean retirement date of a privately owned jet may be 60 years, in 2017 the mean retirement date of VistaJet passenger numbers fell from 40 to 38 years, a change the airline is expected to resume this year.

At PrivateFly, too, the mean retirement date for a private jet traveller fell from 41 to 39 years: "This tendency will only intensify as aspiring Millennium clients become the most important jet users".

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