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Please find below a quote/booking for your airport taxi transfers service taxi and private minicabs for London, Stansted, Luton, Surrey, Sussex and UK airports. taxicab fare calculator This is the largest data base of real-time taxi fares in the UK. With our exclusive rate finder you can find the best rates for your taxi, minicab or minibus in your area. Then we will work out which ones are on site for you and immediately provide you with a shortlist of the best offers.

Within the posting procedure you receive:

taxicab fare calculator

If you are on the move, you can use our practical iPhone and iPod touch applications to get the most out of your taxi experience. This is not a ticket estimate; this is not a ticket estimate! Offers are firm and from licenced and certified mini cab and taxi operators in your area.

In order to get the best possible offer for your trip with our taxi tariff calculator, please keep in mind that your offer in its most simple version is always dependent on time, range and vehicle sizing. Every minicab operator has a fixed driver supply, so the further in in advance you make a booking, the greater the chances of getting the best minicab price possible.

Trip distances are counted as the distances from your pick-up to your final arrival. Thus, 1 bigger vehicle will probably offer a lower mini-cab fare than 2 smaller one. So, if you know someone who does the same trip, help conserve your budget and the planet by taking a taxi.

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Transfer to and from the airports is fixed at a lump sum - see here. Approximate travel time: Offer (£): Please be aware that this is only a approximate estimate and should only be used as a guideline, the information provided is changeable and various other considerations City Cars cannot take into consideration.

For more information or support, please call us on 0141 959 1212. All airport pick-ups are calculated at a normal rate:

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