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Do you have a reliable phone number or SMS service to order taxis in advance? You can find a complete list of Athens taxi companies here. Find all the information you need for taxi transport in Athens & Attica. Allow me to record this call with the knowledge that the person I am calling is not in the following states: There is an abundance of taxis at resorts, shopping centres and attractions.

Taxi company in Athens

What's good about taxis in Athens is that you can take them anywhere. At this point, first-year students in Athens should be conscious of some particularities. Once your journey begins, taxi drivers may not legally stop and take on additional guests - but this will not be fully enforce.

It will be periods when your taxi will stop and take other fare in your directions so that you do not have the taxi alone. Of course, this does not of course mean for Funktaxis, which, if you call before your sailing hours, charges a surcharge on the measured amount (usually between two and five euros).

Tips are common when the rider is sincere and the services are good. And if you or your spouse park your cell in a taxi, it's always a good thing to put the license number down. When you have a smartphone, you can get a very useful app: cabbeat.

In this way you can find all the taxi operators in Athens, welcome your taxi over your telephone and choose the one nearest to you. It uses intelligent geographic positioning tools that allow the taxi operator to see your precise position and notify you when he has arrived and is willing to collect you.

They can also see in realtime how far away your taxi is and you have the safety of the taxi driver's information on your telephone taxi beat.

Torrance City Seniors and Dial-A-Taxi Program.

Torrance Community Transit Programme (TCTP) is a programme to support the inhabitants of Torrance. The TCTP programme comprises both the Senior and Dial-a-Taxi Swipe Card programmes. The TCTP allows attendees to buy taxi credit at a reduced price. Below you will find information about this program:

932-4245 Press 1, then enter your Swipecard ID number.

Registering your Swire is free of charge. Should you loose your magnetic stripe badge, we will first exchange it free of charge. Trip balances are non-refundable, non-transferable and lapse ninety (90) business days after the date of acquisition. Twelve tickets can be bought per week per year. Every balance reimburses up to $13.00 taxi price.

Guests have the possibility to partly make payments with money or to use more than one travel balance per journey instead. They can use a driving balance and buy the rest of the $4.00 out of their pockets with money. Travel funds can be bought for $5. 00, $3. 00 or $1. 00, dependent on your overall home revenue.

The only way to buy credit is to make an appointment and sign up for a magnetic stripe at the West Annex Transit Store. Entrants to this programme must be handicapped persons residing in Torrance. Non-outpatients must notify the taxi service that they require a car fitted with a ski elevator. They must personally enrol at the West Annex Transit Center.

Application are available in the Transit Center or for downloading in the Application Area at the top of this website. Travel credit can be acquired in the West Annex Transit Center or via mixed cheques. Enter your magnetic stripe ID number on your cheque, on the memory line. 3031 Torrance Blvd.

<font color="#ffff00" size=14> Please call us to sign up or ask questions:

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