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Washington to Europe flights. Washington to Europe flights. Search Deals An infant aged three until their second birth is regarded as a pet infant and does not have to sit down. Toddlers are not charged a ticket price, but may be charged US and international tax and dues for international travel according to destinations.

Learn more about travelling with an Infant. Accompanied minors are children between the age of five and 14 who travel alone. Clients with impaired listening or speaking can call our toll-free TTY/TDD phone number 1-800-336-5530. For a full listing of travel arrangements for a domestic animal, click here.

Learn more about travelling with a certificated servant pet or an emotionally supportive beast. A $$40 charge will be made to the customer when they check a second pocket. Travel with more than 10 persons? Among the others are: hard of hear or speaking, partially sighted, intellectually handicapped and not ambulant. Clients with auditory or voice disorders can call our toll-free TTY/TDD phone number 1-800-336-5530.

When you are a traveller of the stature or want to have a free place next to you, you can reserve an additional place. Choose the number of travellers (including your additional seat) when determining the number of grown-ups or kids. You can only choose an additional seating position for the same passenger category (i.e. a child passenger cannot be an additional seating position for an adult passenger).

Activate the check box next to the traveller who needs the additional space on the Traveller Detail page. Again, you must choose this traveller from the drop-down list.

Discount flight offers from Singapore

You can find the best offers and flight promotion on your favorite airlines like Singapore Airlines, Jetstar and Scoot. Get your cheap flight now and start planning your vacation! Mean fare is determined on the basis of economics rates for the lowest monthly rate for each target, using Skyscanner information. Pricing is non-binding and/or available.

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