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Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for CUSTOM JET CHARTERS LLC. Custom Jet Charters, West Palm Beach, Florida. Luxury, comfort and style of the highest order Your security is our primary concern. In addition to security, ease of use, services and comfort, these are the keys to our continued prosperity. Our aim is to offer an excellent level of customer care while providing you with a secure and convenient airplane.

It is our aim to offer you and your enterprise the quickest and most cost-effective way to do local and global businesses.

Our offer is a secure, dependable and trouble-free charterservice. Every six months each member of the flight crews is trained in flight simulation equipment and aeroplanes to ensure the highest degree of security and competence. Our aim is to offer the most professionally performing travelling experience, either with our on-demand charters or our planned contracted hire packages.

Customized Airbus and Boeing aircraft

Gulfstream's $65 million G650 may be the high point of the personal jet scene, but it simply doesn't do the trick for a billionaire who prefers to travel with more than a doze or so of airplanes. To this end, the rich turn to Airbus and Boeing, who like to tailor their aircraft - including wide-bodies, which can accommodate hundred of persons - for personal use.

The recent arrival of billions from Russia, the Middle East and China has resulted in a new orientation towards this part of the world. Airbus has shipped over 170 jets since the opening of the jet industry in 1997. Founded in 1996, Boeing has shipped 195 of 217 orders.

Airbus and Boeing not only sells their aircraft, but also offers a multitude of customisation possibilities to give the customer exactly what they want. Producers are not publishing straight pricelists, but we have seen numbers between 80 million dollars for a Boeing 737, 280 million dollars for a Boeing 747-8 and up to 300 million dollars for an Airbus80.

Here is a look at what there is for billiaraires who are willing to pay such a large heap of money: You can find the current Boeing share prices here.

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