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Return-jet sells 100. empty leg

Returnjet, a real-time searching and reservation service for agents and operator, has recently announced the launch of the company's first 100 empty sales stage. Superfly Aviation bought the London to Croatia aircraft and flew a Challenger 850 powered by Imperial Jets. The Returnjet is free of charge for agents and operator, and the operator streams daily about 2,000 empty tracks to the Returnjet-Plattform.

"Returnjet's user-friendly surface allows us to quickly browse the empty -legged real-time data base and provide our customers with the best available airplane to meet their needs," said Sam Farshian, Superfly Executive Vice President. "My crew, as a bustling broker, uses Returnjet around the clock to procure airplanes for our customers and find their unmatched global cover, which really does help us stay one step ahead of the competition".

Returnjet's Korridor-Technologie adapts empty feet to the needs of a brokers, dependent on the parameter of its request, like length and flying course as well as the necessary percent difference. Imperial Jets' Adel Karim said Returnjet has added value "not only in selling profitable empty seats, but also in providing our charters free of charge to the brokerage world.

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