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Enter the number of passengers, the departure airport, the destination, the aircraft type, the departure data and the return data. This data is transmitted to the charter companies for verification. Then let us know your contact details and we will send you a guaranteed offer for charter jets! Let's get your immediate quote. Services for private and business aircraft, aircraft and air charter.

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Traditional services and supports. In order to offer you the highest security, legend services and unmatched value. Best-in-class security. Tested by the world's largest and most trusted security organisations. ARGUS recognizes the highest platinum security levels and the best pilot training program in industry-leading U.S. security. Tested by the world's largest and most trusted security organisations.

ARGUS recognizes the highest platinum levels of security and the best pilot training program in the USA.

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Let us know your desired location, the date of your journey and the number of travelers, and we will show you an instant on-line estimated value. Then let us know your details and we will provide you with a guarantee offer for charter jets! Customise your journey and fill in your journey needs below.

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Grab your chip card today. Cards offer you property benefits without the monetary obligation of property. As we are so sure that we have the best chip card program on the market, your idle times will be completely refunded if you are not 100% happy. NONE periods, NONE elapsed hour. Cards allow entry to a particular type of airplane and are available in airfare ( e.g. 25 hours) or dollar units ( e.g. $100,000); usually, the more you buy, the lower the price.

Tickets for hours are favoured by travellers who want a uniform fare and want to keep an eye on the available flying times. The Jet Card programme is the programme of choice for those who use more than one category of airplane and value flexible use.

Hidden Costs of Air Charter Offers & Contracts, Privately Chartered

There is nothing nastier than getting a quote and discovering later that your bill is causing extra hiding cost! Cost comparison between two or more Air Charter broker is hard enough; we make it simple for you! How much does an air charter cost? Among the more challenging issues when chartering are the many different elements of prices that are included in an offer or contractual agreement.

In our opinion, it is essential for our customers to be able to fully appreciate these ingredients so that they can compare apple with apple when they compare offers from several charter broker companies. Our aim is to give our actual and prospective customers a clear picture of our charter fares. The price component that can and must influence the costs of a privately owned charter is the excise tax:

All chartered US air travel is subject to 7.5% US FET, which is levied on all privately owned jetliners. Each operator must make a payment to the airport to which it flies its aeroplane. Charges can vary from $100 to $500 based on the height and mass of the airplane used for the charter.

The majority of our competition do not take this charge into account in their charter offers. The majority of our competition does not take this charge into account in their offers. Food costs: Improved caterings are possible and can be prearranged for your privately owned aircraft. Food is almost always an add-on for highly professional broker.

Propellant base: Fuels are a commodity-driven business that is subject to constant change. Charterers give us the estimated per-gallon fuel costs when we ask for a quote. In the past, they will offer a lower fare than they will actually pay. While we offer your flight charter at the stated rate, we can and will make an estimation of how high the surcharge may be.

Calculate the flight times of the burnt per-hour fuel and multiplied by the discrepancy between the stated cost of petrol and the real cost of it. In advance you will get the most extensive possible prices! In order to build long-term customer relations, we believe that we must be truthful and truthful about the costs our customers face when booking their own charter flights with us.

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