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The best fares

" Now I can spend a whole week in Paris for less than the usual airfare. It'?s the way to cut your fares by half.

What is it with the fares? In the last two years, ticketing prices have fallen by 3%, while passenger charges for hold baggage (every large carrier except Southwest that provides 2 free bags) and declining legs (almost 4 inch in recent decades) are overloading passenger charges, all at the cost of carriers taking more seat in planes for more profit.

However, you could take all these actions and still miss the most important knack to ensure a low cost flight. There is a possibility that you are not reserving on the ideal date. Jeff Klee, CEO of CheapAir, says the ideal date for making a flight reservation is exactly 54 business days in advance, to the point.

CheapAir analysed the 921 million fare ticketing figures in a survey at the beginning of the year. Between 320 and 106 working days prior to a journey, airline ticket prices tended to float at a fixed rate. At the 105-day level, however, the metal starts to fall until it reaches a low point after 54 trading day before rising again.

Then at the 20-day level, prices rise sharply. CheapAir people gave an example of how this can directly help the leaflet. In this way, a plane ticket fell from about $400 to $344 at 54 dates before climbing to $593. Once you're on a plane, take a rest: here are the 10 best moves for sleep in an aircraft.

The 3 ways flyer always scores with the best airfares.

A few folks will only be flying in First or Busi ness classes - and that's good for them. FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney says that the remainder of us should try to be fl exible Flyer. NEW YORK - Some folks only go First or Businessclass - and that's good for them. FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney says that the remainder of us should try to be fl exible Flyer.

There is a good point why Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring holidays and summers are expensive: it is when humans want to go flying. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are usually much cheaper on home routes, Fridays and Sunday are usually the most costly. From Los Angeles to Kansas City in mid-January, return fare on FareCompare at the end of last week:

One other way of saying this is that non-stops are great, but they can cause fares to rise by 60 per cent or more. Therefore, always review the prices for connection flight. The example shows Atlanta-Seattle departures on the same data in mid-January: A four-person flight crew that chooses to connect will save more than $450 in this case.

Among the favourites are Spirit and Southwest, but these are not always the least priced of all. Earlier departures from San Francisco to Dallas, each with a stopover: Another thing: The more expansive Spirit rate applies to a connection and America's lower rate is non-stop. That is not to say that you will not find many good offers for Spirit and other discount stores.

You' ve got to check the fares, or you could overpay. Seaney is FareCompare's chief executive officer, a website that offers the best offers for air travel from around the globe.

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