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Taxicab Commander is the simple yet powerful taxi app. Simple Cloud Is your taxidisposition softwares providing the tool you need to satisfy the needs of today's demanding consumer? What makes you think we can vote? When we are young, we can get into difficulties, get old together and divide many good years. Our unprecedented solution offering minimizes your risks and allows you to expand with your needs and your budgets.


Use this DIY analytics to find the best setup for your needs and your budgets..... You are not expected to be an experienced taxidisposition specialist. This is our mission and we are here to help you better comprehend the things that are important to you.

Via the Taxi Commander - Taxi Dispatch Software

FUTURER QUEST will help taxi, sedan, shuttles and paratransit companies maximise their customerservice, efficiencies and profits with Taxi Commander' bundled transport manageability solution. The Taxi Commander System is an industrial leading taxi scheduling system and personal transport system not only in value, but in performance and function as well.

Facilitate and speed the travel reservation processing, scheduling, tracing and settlement processes. Automatically ship using the latest technology through email, radio, and email that supports a variety of equipment, from cordless telephones to tables to MDTs. Optimize administrative overhead with fully built-in accounting, cash register, operator start-up, and fleet management options.

Enhance your after sales services by increasing your pace and precision. Enhance corporate governance with comprehensive enterprise performance and finance reporting. Taxicab Commander was developed with three main goals in mind: Make it as easy and quick as possible for the drivers and operators to operate. Provide a convenient solution that allows you to book and send travel bookings within seconds.

Taxidispedition services for businesses of all heights. Taxicab Commander also allows small car pool owners to start with essential travel bookings, application bookings, global positioning system (GPS) tracks and the next available car global positioning system (GPS) as a point of departure. With increasing operations or demand, functions can be added for account settlement, driver collection, payment processing, zone-based dispatching, medical trip routing and even central multi-site dispatching.

How will Taxi Commander help your organization? Quite simple, Taxi Commander has the capacity to satisfy your needs no matter how complicated. Make your operations easier for your staff, make your organization more profitable, enhance your client experience or take a larger share of your competitors; find out more at!

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