Best Light Jet for the Money

The best light jet for money

Best and worst purchases on business jets. Gelbe Seiten - Business Jet Traveler. Do companies save money with the private jet charter? Purchasers should first consider the size that best suits their needs. Those companies found creative ways to make money - and a lot of it.

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Identifying the best value on the open is a difficult issue that can be answered without better knowing someone's needs and wishes. We have made it our business to briefly outline some of the best purchases on the used Cessna Citation supermarket. It is particularly difficult to decide between two large aircraft: the Citation Jet and the Citation Ultra.

CitationJet, initially certificated in 1993, was the first airplane to be certificated in Cessna's highly acclaimed Citation 525 serie - and is still in service with the Citation M2, Citation CJ3+ and Citation CJ4. Designed to accommodate up to eight people, the genuine CitationJet is approved for use with a solo driver, has a fully closed toilet, a cruising distance of approximately 1,000 sea mile, 350 cruising speed ratings and acceptable running cost of approximately US$1,300 per incident.

To find a big CitationJet under 1 million dollars is difficult - but they are out there. Particularly if it is not a pre-paid motor service programme. CitationJet' s genuine flight deck features classic six-pack electronics that can be a departure for some owners/pilots who come from technologically sophisticated airplanes. A G1000 update is available for the CitationJet, however, as is the additional type-tested Tamarack singlet modifier.

Tamarack singlets provide a 20 percent increase in reach compared to the standard fleet of citation jets and make the plane much more powerful - a special value because it is big and really big for money. The company announces that it developed the Ultra precursor, the Citation V, at the National Business Aviation Association Convention in New Orleans in 1987, and the plane was certificated in 1988.

This is an advanced model of the original Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5A turbofan model (not to be mixed up with the CJ2), which features a light hull extension that allows a default 10-person setup (11 if you add the taped potty). By 1993, Cessna had converted the former Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS Dashboard and even more capable Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5D 3,045 pound-thrust 3,045-pound thrusters.

The Ultra, constructed between 1994 and 1999, has evolved into a working animal for high performance, long term use. Today, Ultras can be purchased for much less than 1 million dollars with a reasonable period of grace until the motor is overhauled. Be careful, though, when a hotsection service or motor reconditioning is due. Servicing heavier engines can readily result in a load greater than the value of the cell.

The running cost will be slightly higher than that of the CitationJet, at about $1,500 per hour, but for what the aircraft can afford, it can indeed be a relatively good value. The stable state of the Mustang' s initial layout is a great proof of its superiority. A jet with a Garmin G1000 equipped dashboard, two FADEC powered thrusters, 41,000 feet travelability, scarce propellant flow (operating cost less than $1,000 per hour), Cirrus SR22-like approaches, six-seater seats, a toilet, a cruising distance in excess of 1,000 nm, and Cessna services and supports is difficult to outperform.

Mustangs can now be purchased with pricing labels from just over $1 million for an older, higher-value aircraft without an engines programme to a low $2 million area for newer, lower-value engines and service programmes, based on year, hour, motor programme registration and claims record. Beneath the $4 million mark, there is no doubt that the CJ3 is the best value for someone looking for the ultimate, universally deployable, owner-flown jet.

CJ3 features Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 electronics, a dependable 1,900nm area, 415 KTAS/0. 737 Mach cruising speeds, 45,000-foot cruising ability, $1,300 per hr operational cost, stunning climbing capacity, smooth handler and a high platform response. In addition to the improved power of the soon to be certificated Tamarack singlets, the CJ3 will have an expanded reach of more than 2,100 nm.

Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion is a full upgraded solution for many customers at a cost of approximately $300,000.

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