Charter Communications Newtown Ct Hours

Newtown Ct hours Charter Communication

Obtain instructions, ratings and information for Spectrum in Newtown, CT. Communications Charter 9 Commerce Rd, Newtown, CT 06470 PITIFUL SERVICES!!!!

!!!!!! Instead of talking about the long and downright laughable merry-go-round experiences with charter support, I'd just like to say that I'm quitting my long-time TV and web services and moving to live TV, as I don't get any support when my services were disrupted and the charter agent had no explanations.

It was disgusting to see the ignorant, ill-informed and inexperienced support staff with whom I had the most bad luck. Apparently Charter has no trouble bothering their clients with ever-higher rates while at the same times dispatching their support departments. Off shore to those who don't know English and certainly don't earn US employment, all at the extremely cost of their client bases.

FCC should close this place down, they're so nasty! You are pricing are high for the sevices that they offer. Even the client support is not so great. You were neither kind nor useful in dealing with it. And I wouldn't be recommending this firm for servicing. When you are looking for a telephone Co., check out the other review and make your own decision on the basis of the greatest disadvantage.

You are not a telephone company and therefore you should not offer a telephone number. They' re good at wire TV and that's it, they should adhere to what they' re good at. When you register with them on the basis of the rate, you will get their services, you will find that your mobile does not work as your old mobile Co and you will not be satisfied.

Your telephone does not work when the electricity is off and they are rotten at the end of the contract wait. If you terminate your subscription with them, they will not give you your telephone number, and this means that your new telephone operator cannot give you your old number back. When you want my advise, www. tv.??stick with ATT, you get at least what you have paid for and your telephone work???.

That' the hardest thing I ever had with a wire business! You ask them a number of questions and they don't know what you're doing...!!!!! I think from the 4395837 calls I had to make I got 2 friendly account representatives, the remainder was impolite!

Every months I sent punctual installments and I can recall a grand totale of 3 instances where they cut my wire, my wire, my wire, my wire, the installment had not yet been typed into their system! You' re ridiculed, I paid $230 a months just for cables and phones! So when I registered, my bill was $135, so the price went up like every weekend without informing the people!

This was just a bath experience and I would never suggest it to my worse foe! I moved to DirecTV where there were great, very beautiful and useful and good prizes! That firm was a terrible handling operation. Usually the support staff gave false information, the support engineers routine skipped meetings or postponed them with the notification, and they have not yet fulfilled their arrangement, 100% of the amount I pay for their work.

Even if she were the last wire corporation in my area, I wouldn't get the charter back. In September, when I move to Florissant, we agreed that my shift would be changed on the 10 June weekends. One and a half weeks after they install it, my cord stops working and takes about 4 workingdays to bring the repair back to my home.

As they emerged, it turned out that someone else in my neighbourhood had stopped serving, and since the links were all not marked, they simply separated one that happens to be mine. One charter seller called me on November 25 and offered me a very good bundling so that I forgot the past issues and chose to take it.

Our arrangement is for the telephone to be installed on 3 November between 1 and 5 November, as the telephone carrier must be changed during the workweek. If I call support, tell me I'm supposed to be on the seventh between 8:00 and 10:00. So, I appreciate that charter is nice with the old lure and switcher and think that I am nice with taking another free day to get their crunchy facilities.

So the only thing the support staff could say was that I was sorry even if I cancelled the date and the new list of items I bought. It'?s by far the lousiest firm I ever worked for. So when are they blamed for their incredible bad work?

Do yourself a favour and use any firm but them. I' m going to watch AT&T Satellit for the first times, just so I never have to worry about them again. I like your services too, but the price can be high. My charter cables and web services are quite trustworthy.

Do not like their telephone labyrinth - and the issue with spamming is horrible. I' ve had the charter for about four month. We' ve received a good offer for our bundles, but the ministries run out so often. Also, our client support is horrible and it doesn't help at all.

You might think that the charter would remain open beyond 5pm to support 99% of its clients who can work and not make it past 5pm. I' m also sick of discussing resetting my wire locker with Bob in India. Having registered for charter, I now had a technician in my home on 4 different opportunities to solve issues.

I' ve been through 3 high-definition speakers and 3 interruptions in my services due to mistakes made by the comany. I' m trapped with them because I have no line of vision for the satellites. Attempted to get lnternet through this ISP. Wouldn't work with me on cutting the amount of work to 1/2 days, so you decided not to get their facilities.

Your ministry is awful. I' m taken off the net every 15 min and have to write new e-mails all the time, because my services always break off as soon as I start sending. Unfortunately, this is the only firm out here that is available to us, so we are busy with this awful wait. THANK YOU FOR NOTHING YOU'VE CHARTERED.

Terrible client support. I' m trying to find another ministry that I can use. The worst ever servic! arter has the worst quality of workmanship ever! I' m trapped because no other wire companies serve my area. You keep raising your price. Could you believe to pay $70/- only for the web?? I' ve been on charter since they arrived in our area, and of course we have no alternatives if the cables are our need for an island.

So it seems that every 2-3 month their rates are an extra $1 or $2, usually 2, (combining CATV with finite films, and ISP is up to $139 and change) and the ISP becomes slow and much inferior. They will tell you that you should get a better bundle offer from them, then all along the line, this option is as poor as the initial one you had.

Often my account is not available and annoys me a great deal, but here too I have no DSL account and there is no competition because Charter is a single player in this area. Wish we had a better chance at wire IsP's.

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