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We are a leading provider of jet charter and aircraft management services. We are the largest provider of Flex-based one-way jet charter. She also operates corporate and tourism charters in the Bahamas, the Caribbean (including Haiti and Cuba) and South America. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Western Air Charter in Van Nuys, CA. Obtain instructions, ratings and information for Western Air Charter Inc in Van Nuys, CA.

Flight charter services to Long Beach, Van Nuys, Carlsbad, Santa Barbara and South California.

From our South California bases, we are able to offer cheap charter services from Burbank, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Torrance, Fullerton, Santa Ana (Orange Co.) and others. All of our aircrafts are capable of efficiently relocating anywhere in the Los Angeles metropolitan area with much more costly aircrafts. Our planes are owned and operated by us.

If you call, talk to a corporate airline pilots and get instant direct responses to your flight charter! Do you feel disappointed about the many airfields that have no flight services or a very unfavourable level of services? Some of the many destinations we can take you to from South California and return home the same time: we'll be happy to arrange an airport transfer for you:

radiant edge

It redefines aerospace engineering standard in the areas of airplane stewardship, security and air charter excellency. This is the first time we have concentrated solely on large cabins. There'?s deluxe, and then there's deluxe, and then there' still jets edge. In everything we do, we go beyond that, which is why we only work with large cabins.

If you enjoy this kind of deluxe, you never want it to end. We are obsessed with excesses, starting with security. In order to guarantee the highest security standard, we consider it imperative to have a super ior fleet, skilled pilot and a strict service record. If someone gets on one of our large cabin-jet-edge planes, he knows that he is about to engage in a transcendental and impossibly replicable adventure.

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PC-12 is a state-of-the-art airplane that uses the latest findings in the fields of aviation electronics, aviation dynamics and system engineering. Please click here for an insight into the Pilatus PC-12 charter family. The Pilatus PC-12 Air Charter provides a first-class passenger comfort package with single tiltable and turnable furry seating, folding table between clubs, a snack and drink centre and a fully closed toilet.

The PC-12 is the climax of an unprecedented commitment to aerospace excellence paired with Switzerland's pioneering engineerry. It not only has a high cruising rate and long cruising distance, but also has the slowest over stalling and land rates of any plane in its category. Not only does this stunning feature allow the PC-12 to get you to your goal quicker, it also allows you to land at goals that many corporate jet engines or similar large turbo prop engines can't reach.

Naturally, much of our experience in security is due to the airplane itself. PC-12 meets the latest FAA Part 23 certifications, which require the highest security standard in the aerospace world. PC-12 is fitted with on-board meteorological radars, off-road and crash prevention, the latest anti-icing and de-icing features and advanced electronics similar to those of today's airlines.

PC-12 is driven by the Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbo motor, which has established a record as the most reliable turbo motor ever. Because of these considerations, along with a variety of others, you can be sure that you are traveling with perhaps the most secure airplane ever built.

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