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This is the 25 best route in the world.

On 11 October, Singapore Airlines regained the status of "longest in the world " when it relaunched its non-stop services between Singapore and Newark. At 9,534 legal mile ( via Great Circle Mapper), the new Singapore Airlines carrier has pushed Qatar Airways' 9,032 mile run between Doha and Auckland, New Zealand, from first place.

So what are the other longest flight paths in the world? It' a question I hear a lot at Today in the Sky, so I turned to the people at OAG to help us get the longest flight for 2018. Using this information, I combine it with Great Circle Mapper's own miles and the airline companies themselves to create the 25 longest regular airline services in the world by distances.

Air services are those that fly at least once a week in the timetable for October 2018. A lot of the latest "Top 25" tours have been added in the last two years. The Perth-London line from Qantas, for example, did not start until March this year. It is the first regular non-stop service between Europe and Australia.

Today it is the third longest trip in the world with 9,009 mph and a flying duration of about 17hrs. There are several new United Airlines services that are now among the 25 longest in the world. U.S. didn't have the San Francisco-Singapore itinerary long to itself. Singapore Airlines put its own dedicated scheduled services on the line into operation in October 2016, which is now the eighth-longest in the world.

But also United gives up one of its longest journeys. The airline will cease operations on its Los Angeles-Singapore flight on 27 October, although Singapore Airlines will commence its own operations on the Los Angeles-Singapore flight on 2 November. L.A.-Singapore is currently the fifth longest scheduled air link in the world. In the above galleries you can see the complete "top 25" longest itineraries ( relative to distance), beginning with the bottom - No. 25 between New York JFK and Guangzhou, China - and ending with the actual No. 1: Newark-Singapore.

We will keep the lists updated as new itineraries are added during 2018. Some of the other airlines expected to be in the top 25 this year were Air New Zealand (Auckland-Chicago O'Hare) and Philippine Airlines (New York JFK-Manila). Lines are arranged according to the so-called "great circle" range - or the shorter possible line between two points in the world.

Real range differs by flying due to daytime meteorology, wind and other conditions. Similarly, the planned schedules for all departures for similar reason differ from time to time. Km information comes from the Great Circle Mapper website. Timetables come from the different airline companies. In addition, the ranking lists were prepared by OAG, a leading airline information company.

So why use the range to rate the longest flight? In spite of the planned schedules, real flight schedules can differ greatly according to the challenging route and meteorological circumstances on a given date. Although there is no "right" way to classify the longest flight, we have chosen the Great Cicle Distance because it is a target datapoint that does not alter due to everyday use.

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