Airplane Flights

Aircraft Flights

The first flight around the globe These planes were labeled after U.S. towns and had a number: Flugnummer: and New Orleans (4), Seattle (1), Chicago (2), Boston (3) et New Orleans (4). It was only Chicago piloted by Lts. Lowell Smith and Leslie Arnold and the New Orleans piloted by Lts.

Erik Nelson and John Harding Jr. that ended the whole itinerary.

It was The Flight's aim to assess the aircraft as a truly planetary phenomenon. Linking the worlds by plane would promote better multilateral relationships and promote trade. It would also provide public backing for the Army and its objective of developing its position within the US Army. Millions of gallons had to be pumped of petrol and diesel, 35 spares engine and many spares had to be delivered all over the globe, even where aircraft had never been before.

World flight began on April 6, 1924 in Seattle, Washington. On the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, Williwaw's or "Woolies" leaflets met abrupt, powerful, destructive up to 75 km/h wind speeds falling from the heights. China's and Burma's streams and ports turned out to be overcrowded, messy ports for world travel.

While the jungle of Franco-Indochina was testing the leaflets, they were resting to repair Chicago and keep to the timetable. At Saigon, Indochina, the leaflets could not be served in a local eatery because they were not covered with overcoats. Nevertheless, the waiters denied serving. "The trip of the world tour through the Far and Middle East in June and July included the Indian jungle and the sand of today's Iraq and Jordan.

Allowing Associated Press reporters Linton Wells to join them for part of the ride. From Iceland to Greenland, the pilot's skills and bravery were put to the test. On August 31, from Ivigtut, Greenland, Chicago and New Orleans crew made the 560-mile Atlantic voyage to Icy Tickle at Indian Harbor in Labrador, Canada.

The Boston drivers Wade and Ogden joined the plane three flights later in Nova Scotia in the Douglas World Cruiser model aircraft, which re-named the Boston II. Arriving in the United States, the world tour saw an admirable crowd, anxious to see the latest American flying stars. Leaflets were flown down the east coast to Washington, D.C., westwards over the Alleghenies to Dayton and Chicago and southwards to Dallas.

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