Alaska Airlines Portland or

or Alaska Airlines Portland or

PDX: Alaska Airlines Alaska Lounge Reviews & Photos - Concourse C, Portland International Airport Alaska spirits await you in an elevated, generous ambience. After a hearty welcome by the kind personnel, enjoy a glass of locally brewed ale and a pile of tasty gold coloured cantaloupe directly from the typical producer. The Priority Passport and other holders of lounges cards are restricted to 2 persons or the immediate families, and all card holders and persons are obliged to present a valid day-trip card for entry to the lounges.

It is a small but beautiful place, which is a beautiful place to stay and await a plane ride. Calm lounges with draught beers. Excellent position, as SFOs almost always take off from PDX from C2, which is next to theounge. Max capacitance 95. Calm lounges with good beers. I didn't have my Priority Pass with me, but I was able to get in with my member number ( which I got by browsing my mailbox; the member number in Priority Pass's email) and my ID.

All right, loungeish. Lounges with fountains of soda water and coffeemaker, casual cookies, an empty jug of boiling water only..... It is a lounging with older feelings and minimum offers. Certainly I wouldn't be paying for it - but it's okay for Priority Pass. The employees are professionals - and very useful when you fly Alaska.

I' d describe this place as a simple one. The personnel was very kind, good situation at the airfield. Pleasant personnel and very neat. However, this is a very small and undimensioned space now that it is open to AA Admirals Club members. and it felt like more than that.

My lounges are a little outdated, but I always look forward to the broth and refreshments on my Portland night flying. Magnificent small lounges with welcoming employees and a good selection of meals and facilities. Beautiful place to stay some days before the plane ride! It' not the most beautiful lounges, but it does the work and a lot more, partly because of a really kind personnel.

Arriving when the lounges were almost full. I' ve been visiting this place a number of times since it opened. It is much fuller than before, but still a beautiful break from the kiosk. Kind personnel! The common room is small and can be overcrowded, but I have always found a place.

The personnel are not aware of the guests' policies. They' re restricting you to only 2. Priority Pass members are not permitted on load. Friendly people and very neat. Priority Pass not permitted. The Priority Pass lounge, but would not honour members. The Priority Pass was refused entry even though most of the lounges were empty.

With 3 Priority Pass Select guest through Chase Sapphire Reserve. Has been said by 4 maximum visitors through website infos, 2nd level alaskano amber and bridgeport IPA on tap, kind welcome services. Lounges never accept the Priority Pass. The passport is a wastage. We were never refused entry here with our Priority Pass subscription.

I had to delay a few moments on a Tuesday around 5 p.m. to get into the lounges for reasons of capacities and acceptance of the Priority Pass. If you have been notified after 17.05., thisounge will no longer reject PP Select. Due to lack of room Priority Pass was not approved. The FYI Priority Pass through CSR IS Accredited, unless the lounges are busy and there is a label on the front that does NOT allow guests of Priority Pass members on the desktop.

Priority Pass member capability management. The Priority Pass will be valid on a Saturday early night. Small lounges, but the base is roofed, the personnel is cute. I didn't take the priority pass. Although the working day evenings are virtually empty, Priority Pass owners are not permitted to enter! This is the only lounging area at the international airports, so it is a good idea to take a diversion as the other alternative is the gates.

No problem with the Priority Pass, although the lounges were very well frequented. Accessibility is clearly arranged at the desktop. Considering the other choices, respectable lounges are stores, but hardly what you would want from an air carrier whose hubs are the same one. Many Priority Pass and Club owners do not have entry due to "capacity".

A small and cosy loung with free of charge warm Pancake. Bathroom hand cream is a beautiful thing. Good personnel. How many denials of entry were made because of the capacitance? Superb facilities and a relaxed lounging area with free meals and beverages (including alcohol). Lovely views of the skirt and the doors. Give preference to your other lounges.

Prohibited PP with CSRs. It was said that the lounges awaited firstclass passengers and they were too full even though they were empty. Don't take Priority Pass. They were at least kind enough to have a plaque in front of the lounges that said it in advance. He said he wouldn't take a PP at 9:00 in the morning.

It'?s a nice place in this Iounge. There is no login for members of Priorit├Ąt Passport. Except when you arrive at the 7am or sooner in the morning, it seems that there is never room for Priorit├Ąt Passport members. A very small but sufficient area for a brief stay. Friendliness of personnel, little eating, restricted cash. Repeatedly refusing to give away a passport - what is the use of acting as if they were part of the programme?

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