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Trastevere Taxi

Taxis near Trastevere. We' re in Trastevere. We don't have a phone. Anybody know where the taxi stand at Trastevere is? What does a taxi cost from Roma Trastevere Station, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy to Rome, Italy?

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Is there a taxi stand I Trastevere where I could take a taxi on Thursday at 6:40? We' ve got an early start at Sistene and have to take a cab. I saw cabs in Piazza Belli very early in the day, but Trastevere is enormous and that may not be near you.

Trastevere's head office is located on the boundary between Piazza Belli and Piazza Sonnino. Today we were travelling in Trastevere, but not to Piazza Belli, but we saw a taxi rank near us along the Lungotev of Farnesina near the Ponte Sisto, so we will go there first and without cabs we will go to Belli.

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Traastevere Taxis - Rome Forum

A taxi rank is available at G.G. Belli in Trastevere street and near Piazza Trilussa. Please be aware that some roads in Trastevere do not provide taxi services because of the alleys, and you will be charged from the time you make your reservation. So if you are in the Trastevere main section, it is an easily accessible footpath to the taxi rank, although the local restaurants will call one for you.

Taxi Trastevere

On a Saturday, my man and I fly out of Rome Fiumicino. We' re in Trastevere. We don't have a telephone. Anybody know where the taxi rank in Trastevere is? Where do we find the streetcar? Viale di Trastevere is the tramway. Easy way to get to the main railway is to take the streetcar to Trastevere railway and then the local trains to the main railway line (at least 2 per hour).

Taxi ranks can be found at Ponte Sisto (left before the bridge) and at Viale di Trastevere just before the Tiber crossroads (in the small square with the statue). Every morning from 5:20 a.m. you can take a taxi from Roma Trastevere railway terminal to Flughafen Trastevere, which is signposted on various cards.

Otherwise, if you are accommodated in a guesthouse and have to leave earlier, make sure you arrange a taxi transfer to take you to the international airports. Schwarz-WeiƟ-Karten in Rick's Buch show taxi ranks as signs of taxis in a blank circuit and streetcar stations as signs of taxis in a blank circuit (legend on p. 2 of the Italian Book).

Trastevere railway looks a bit gravelly, but don't let it upset you. And if you don't want to worry about the cash desk or the ticketing desk (there are often queues), you can simply buy a FCO pass from a person at the information desk in the railway depot.

It is on the right-hand side when you walk into the train station. Exactly where do you live in Trastevere?

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