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is an award-winning aviation design studio specializing in corporate jet, VIP and head of state aircraft interiors. The AirJet Designs is an innovative aircraft design studio founded to bring the excellence and luxury of the best craftsmanship to tailor-made VIP and business jets. is an award-winning aviation design studio specializing in aircraft interiors. AirJet Designs' Casino Jet Lounge. is an award-winning aviation design studio specializing in aircraft interiors.

Airjet Acquario A 320 from Airjet Design

The AirJet Designs is a fashion company with a particular specialty in the design of home jetinterior niches. The AirJet Acquario A320's flamboyant styling, which climbs to new levels with unparalleled levels of luxurious ness and convenience, provides the final flying pleasure. Featuring marine and tropic styling, the aircraft's individual design, roomy cabin layout and unmatched airside functionality, the Acquario' Airbus A 320 provides the air travel convenience you would find in an lavish passenger-house.

Inside the cubicle, the inspirations come from organically grown marine life such as shells, corals and seaweed. In the centre is the cabin's tank, which surrounds both the eating and recreation areas and houses several types of fresh water tropics. The Acquario A 320 is engineered to carry a group of eight occupants with two passenger companions in unprecedented levels of passenger convenience.

Conveniences such as an entry area with a galley, a V.I.P. toilet, a quiet area for the crews with stowage cupboards, a forward directed sitting area, the eating area, a living room, a separate room, a separate bed room and a bath room with showers... the skies are the limits.

Air jet clump indicator design and management

Abstract: A frequent surgically procedure is the identification of harsh clumps immersed in mucosa. Throughout the open procedure, the surgeon can locate clumps using dispersed touch feed provided by hand touch. Taktile display devices that have been engineered to recover contact response for both conventional and robotic minimal invasive surgeries (RMIS) are generic in design to deliver a variety of touch experiences for the digit, and as such are often cumbersome and electromechanically-rich.

We' ve created a new type of pneumatically operated cluster screen with an infinitely variable opening that guides a thin flow of compressed air through an opening onto the pad. Built to feel like a clot on your fingers with minimum required equipment, the screen is easy to read and easy to read. Describe the design of the ad and show the processes by which the ad delivery can be managed using two different iris sizes setting techniques.

Performance of the air jet air jet clump indicator is quantified using capacity sensing devices and the results show that the indicator can change both the magnitude and the pressures of the performance. One of the most frequent explorative tasks in surgical procedures is the localization and identification of harsh clumps of tissue nestled in the tissue of the human being.

As these clumps are not always viewable, they must be found by scanning. In open surgeries, clumps can be localized relatively easily because the surgeon gets direct finger feed -back during scanning. Conversely, node recognition in minimal invasive and robotic minimal invasive surgical techniques (MIS and RMIS) becomes much more difficult because dispersed touch information is not captured or presented to the surger.

Absence of disseminated contact information interferes with the surgeon's capacity to localize clots. Furthermore, today's open operations simulation tools usually fail to provide the cutting edge response necessary to create the feeling of a clot on the user's fingers.

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