Apply for Pco Driver Licence London

Application for a Pco driving licence London

("DBS") before applying to Transport for London ("Tfl") for the correct licence. PCO-certified drivers who work independently are required. To apply for approval, the vehicle must meet the following criteria:. Learn how to apply for a PCO license by clicking this link. Wellcome to the website of the official London PCO license.


The law requires that every "Minicab", also known as a PCO driver, must be fully inspected and licenced to work lawfully as a Mini Cab driver. Licensing also means that your customers know that you will offer a secure and dependable experience.

As soon as a driver is licenced by Transport for London (TfL), he can work anywhere in London for any taxi company he chooses. To become a "licensed" individual driver, there are some things candidates need to do to get their PCO license: How do I become a PCO-licensed driver?

In this section, you will find instructions on the procedures that a driver must follow to be successful: Before you can apply as a PCO driver, here are some criteria: - you must be at least 21 years old at the moment of your registration.

  • Keep a full DVLA, Northern Ireland or other EEA driver's licence for >3 years. How to become a driver of PHV: * Policies on how to become a driver of PHV: What is the overall price of a PCO driver's licence? How long does it take to get a PCO licence?

Anticipate waiting between 2-3 month to obtain the PCO-licence. I am an existent PCO licenced driver, how do I get a substitute PCO driver's licence? To ensure that current riders receive a substitute PCO licence, click on this button and complete the necessary form:

If you have forgotten your personal driver's licence, you can also call Transport for London (TfL) on 0845 602 7000 to get a refund. How much can I expected to be paying for the rental of the route per weeks? If you do not have a small driver's licence where you are entitled by law to receive reservations directly from clients and then travel with them, you (and most privately hired drivers) will need to work with and for a PCO operating business (a mini-cab company).

Indeed, these cabin managers (who license them themselves) will receive passenger reservations from the Public Carriage Office (PCO) and forward them to the driver. The PCO providers shall levy a monthly "circuit charge" or "rent" on PCO riders for this passenger connection services (fares) with them. The amount of rental paid for the route depends on the position of the cabin guide and his load factor.

The PCO driver is asked to work in the PCO operator's own offices. PCO riders can reckon on averaging just over 100 per pound per annum for the typical "local" cabin agency and up to 130 pounds per annum for the more busy ones. com estimated that a PCO rider can be expected to receive at least 8-10 "fares" per 8-hour working day.

However, this will differ greatly from region to region and from cabin to cabin. What about the taxis that don't bill a week's route hire? Some cabin managers do not calculate the conventional monthly hire rate, but rather run a roster in which the driver has to travel or work for a certain period of qualifying periods before qualifying for "no hire".

How can riders be sure? A long and topical discussion is taking place about CCTV-enabled PCO cars that will help both PCO riders and users. Meanwhile, there are some general hints from the PCO driver's guide on how to stay safer. In view of the industry's operating mode (where the driver pays a monthly rental to the PCO operator in order to receive tariffs), PCO carriers are always looking for more and more people.

As a logical result, the more PCO payers, the more the taxi bureau earns income. PCO carriers will therefore endeavour to attract "new" PCOs. Today, the better PCO cabin owners are increasingly requiring their driver to offer better services to their customer.

PCO riders in many parts of London today find that driver's cabs require, for example, that they have PCO cars less than three years old. Of course, this is related to the amendment of the retirement provision which took place in April 2012 and which prohibits all cars older than 5 years from being registered as new PCO cars.

In addition, the ordinance provides that a once registered car may only be operated as a privately rented car (PHV) for a period of up to 10 years from the date of first entry into service. To find a PCO driver position, first look at the businesses that are being promoted on this website.

You can also call your nearest Mini Cab Bureau and ask them if they are looking for new riders. Ask them how much the rental costs for the week. Will there be support trainings for PCO riders? Rumors are circulating within the rental business that all PCO-licensed riders are soon supposed to receive some kind of after sales support as part of their license processes.

Of course, this should increase the quality of our services in this sector, which has long enjoyed a infamous below-average name. How much do I get to hire a vehicle when I'm 23 years old? Certain insurers do NOT cover the driver unless they are over 25 years old, and if they do, young PCO riders should reckon with an additional rate (sometimes up to 50% more than older riders).

Another option for young riders is to work for PCO owners who have their own fuel pool policy where they can include the young rider, of course for a surcharge. The young PCO driver who works for the PCO will then pay the weekly/monthly PCO to the cabin crew instead of taking out his own policy in his own name and thus pay the aforementioned premiums.

Am I able to establish myself as a small driver (and get a driver's license) and work as an independent mini cab driver/driver? Identical regulations apply to mini cab drivers/operators and drivers. So, if you want to be a " small " carrier and drive up to 2 cars and accept reservations from your clients yourself, then as long as you obey the PCO licence agreement (read how to become a PCO operator).

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