Around the World by Private Jet

With the private jet around the world

The unspoilt beaches of Bora Bora, the sparkling marble of the Taj Mahal and the charming streets of Prague - experience nine timeless destinations on this circumnavigation. You have to do it in a private jet. In 22 and a half hours a private jet trip takes you around the world.

The luxury motel label Aman invites just 16 people in a private jet to take a voyage around the world. On 22 evenings the voyage takes visitors from Asia through Europe and stops at the Aman resort. Travelling route will include Sumo classes in Tokyo, Phuket practice classes, monk-led Bhutan practice of monk based courses in astrobiology, and a fire retreat in Jaipur.

Although the traditionally big and slow European trip that takes us through Europe at a sluggish, month-long speed is unattainable for most of us in our over-scheduled contemporary world, that doesn't mean it's off the peg to follow the footsteps of our forefathers ( but if you still have eight month left, it wouldn't be a terrible thing to take Viking's longest trip around the world).

Only 16 of Aman' s 16 invited visitors are invited to join his thoroughly contemporary take on the big next season trip - and jump aboard a souped-up private Airbus through some of the brand's most elegant homes in Asia and Europe. This 22-day trip around the world contains just the right blend of energetic urban stations and exuberant, distant excursions that go through a rythm of discovery and recreation that will help a crowded route sense plenty of slowness.

Journey begins in Tokyo, where visitors dive into the town with their Aman-curated adventures - think of sumo sessions with pensioned wrestleers and a tradition of Japan teaceremony - and three day trips on their own. Passengers will then take the fully customised Airbus ACJ 318 for a fast three-hour journey to Shanghai.

Although none of the stages is much longer than sevenhrs, the fully-fledged Airbus is fully fitted with everything to make even the longest long-haul flight convenient, such as four luxurious lounges, two large toilets and a showers to make your guest feel as refreshed as possible at their next destinations.

Following the landing in Shanghai, visitors will be accommodated in a quiet suites in an old China apartment in Amanyangyun, the brand's newest - and probably most ambitioned - object. Although the Zen ambience and the forests of saved, centuries-old camphor believe the closeness to China's largest town, a trip to Amanoi in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam, will provide a necessary occasion for visitors to learn about a little well-deserved research and development.

In Phuket, near Amanpuri, this slow tempo continues, where visitors are emboldened to let muscle soreness pass through training in Yoga, calm, overactive thoughts with contemplation, or just passing a day on the sandy gold sands. The tempo will accelerate again from there as visitors jump through Aman's lodge system throughout Bhutan - with stations such as monk-led courses in Astrology, a glimpse of the kingdom's holy weave and a walk to the famous Tiger's Nest cloister.

The last stop of the trip in Asia is three day in Jaipur. Coming from their home bases in the oasis-like village of Amanbagh, visitors will blend crowded holidays to explore the pulsating city's abundant basares, lush mansions and extensive fortresses with adventures aimed at bringing your clock to a standstill - think of a fire retreat or enjoy Chi Chi with a locals host familiy in the towns around the area.

Then the jet takes the passengers westwards towards Europe and stops a few sun-drenched sunny day on the Greek banks of the Aegean near Amanzoe. Aman Sveti Stefan, a meticulously renovated 15th-century fort overlooking the glittering Adriatic Sea, is a two-night trip to Montenegro, still relatively under radars, after relaxing on the beaches and discovering Athens, a bustling city.

Venice is the last stop on the big trip, where Aman's palace from the sixteenth hundred and twenty-first cent. on the Canal Grande - completely with genuine Tiepolo frescos and gold-plated ceiling - is an excellent starting point to explore the eternally charming town.... and to give an insight into how the true grands touring people were travelling in styles hundreds of years ago.

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