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The PT Wings Abadi Airlines, which operates as Wings Air, is a scheduled airline based in Jakarta, Indonesia. and Wings Air - the airline of Indonesia. Review Wings Air Airways fares, flight schedule and regulations. Check out and book Wings Air: Check out traveler reviews and find great flight deals on Wings Air.

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Since December 2016, Wings Air and other Lion Groups have been prohibited from traveling to and from Nabire Airport because the services are frustrating, with severe delay, lost flights, beached passengers and bad after sales services. The Wings Abadi Air was prohibited from operation in European airspace,[7][8] appears on a shortlist of airlines which do not comply with the necessary security measures to operate to airports in the European Union.

January 5, 2017, Wings Air Flug IW-1372 registered PK-WFP, Wings Air overruns the tarmac during rolling for car parks at Rahadi Osman Airport, Ketapang. Commons Wikimedia has created medias related to Wings Air.

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Because Wings Air is a Lion Air affiliate, it does not maintain its own website. The Lion Air website ( contains all the information you need. The Lion Air solution combines all information about Lion Air, Batik Air, Malindo Air and Wings Air in one convenient place.

Lion Air's website provides a check-in facility for Lion Air and Wings Air travel. Wings Air offers you the best value for money by purchasing Wings Air airline ticket on our website. When you are looking for a promotion for a particular itinerary or a particular date of travel, you can use our Promotional Tracker to find the best offer for your forthcoming holiday.

Established in 2003 to meet the needs of Lion Air travellers who wanted to explore more distant areas of Indonesia, Wings Air was established to provide the best possible service to the Lion Air passenger community. Now Wings Air is traveling to areas of the nation that travellers have not been able to access before. From Jakarta to Mount Sitoli (Nias), for example, take a Lion Air from Jakarta to Medan, then take Wings Air from Medan to Gunung Sitoli.

Following the downfall of a former low-cost carriers, Wings Air took over the business and now dominated the long-haul flight to distant Indonesian cities. The recent order of 27 ATR 72-600 planes by Wings Air shows that the company is on the up. Indeed, Wings Air is the biggest provider of ATR planes in the whole hemisphere.

ATR 72-500 and 72-600 aircrafts are Franco-Italian aircrafts which have become the go-to aircrafts of Wings Air for each itinerary. Now Wings Air links big capitals like Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Denpasar and Balikpapan with small capitals like Maumere, Sibolga, Luwuk, Mamuju, Labuan Bajo, Larantuka, Gunung Sitoli, Saumlaki, Banyuwangi and Gorontalo. There are also services to some of Indonesia's largest destinations, such as Lombok, Yogyakarta, Bandung and others.

For years, Wings Air's airplanes have been recognizable to passenger by their distinctive colors, but the next airplane order will show the colors of Lion Air's motherline. Lion Air, Indonesia's biggest low-cost airline, owns 100% of Wings Air. Wings Air initially benefited from a subsidy of two MD-80 planes from its motherline.

Later they received a series of Bombardier Dash 8-300 planes to increase the population. Not only is Wings Air a Lion Air affiliate, it is also an expansion for travellers who often travel with Lion Air. Meanwhile, Wings Air operates flights to more than 70 different locations and has a seat load factor of 75 percent.

The Wings Air tagline "Fly Is Cheap" was criticised for its bad syntax and grammar mistakes. Meanwhile Wings Air has altered its tagline to "flying is cheap" and stresses that the tagline emphasises the affordability of fares due to shorter distances and incredible economy of use.

Wings Air's low operating cost enables it to provide some of the lowest fares in the business. Originally called Wings Air, Wings Abadi Airlines was cut short for convenience. However, Wings Air does not generate much market recognition as it operates services with its mother company Lion Air.

The Lion Air and Wings Air product lines are similar, but each carrier has its own aircrafts. Boeing 737-900ERs are the main type of aircrafts operated by Lion Air, while ATR 72-600s are the main type of aircrafts operated by Wings Air. To meet the needs of the airline's customers and the expanding markets, Wings Air is constantly purchasing new planes.

Every single night, Wings Air operates no fewer than 46 planes in the sky of Indonesia. Wings Air's number of air travellers is growing every year and the company has consolidated its status as the most beloved carrier in Indonesia. The Wings Air service covers a wide range of air services and links travellers with more distant locations.

With the Indonesian economies growing, the need for air travel is also increasing, regardless of whether travellers fly for commercial or private purposes. Wings Air's airline portfolio is anticipated to grow in line with customer demands in the coming years. The Wings Air will fly its customers to over 75 targets. In combination with Lion Air, Batik Air and Malindo Air, travelers can travel to thousands of different locations while traveling with the Lion Air familiy.

Since June 2015, Wings Air has offered around 180 weekly departures and around 5.2 million passenger a year. Passenger growth at the airlines shows that Indonesians and locals are looking for flight to more isolated areas. And Wings Air has become the first port of call for flying to these locations.

Wings Air offers two additional destinations to the inland destinations, such as Balikpapan to Kalimarau, Makassar to Poso and Wamena to Jayapura, as well as two destinations internationally linking Pekanbaru and Malakka and Medan and Penang. Recently, Wings Air and its mother airline Lion Air concluded a US$600 million acquisition.

The acquisition concerns several different aircrafts, among them the Boeing 737 Max, the Boeing 737-900ER and the ATR 72-600. The order will expand Wings Air's portfolio to a combined 47 aircrafts. Wings Air ordered 40 ATR 72-600 planes in November 2015. The planes are scheduled to fly in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

It replaces the current Airbus ATR airplanes. Wings Air's high value of the sales contract shows that it expects an increase over the next few years. Couldn't believe how cheap my last flight between Bali and Bima was. Using the carrier twice, on the way to Bima and on my way back to Bali, I was glad to see that I could only make a booking a few nights before my departure and still get an ultra low fare.

Checking in was simple and my planes were on schedule all the way. Because I know I will use Wings Air again and I think the low fares will help me get more outings. Unbelievable when I came to the Wings Air check-in desk and checked in 10 kilos of luggage for free.

And Wings Air did not add any additional fees to my price to select the desired slot. Overall, I am very pleased with the airline's employees and the affordable way to fly with them. Recently I took my first Wings Air trip from Palembang to Lampung and was thrilled how good the air travel was for such a low cost one.

" But I think this is a more appropriate tagline for Wings Air because they don't bother their clients with all the last-minute charges that other low-cost carriers charge. I flew on schedule and the airplane, although small, was convenient and relaxed. If I fly with WIngs Air, do I have to foot the departure tax at the international airports?

There is no exit fee to be paid when leaving Indonesia with WIngs Air. From 25 February 2015, the bought ticket will already be subject to aerodrome fees, so that you will not have to bear any extra administration fees for the aerodrome when you fly. The new rules apply to all Indonesian departures, whether national or trans-national.

Will Wings Air offer meals and beverages during the trip? There is no Wings Air meal or drink available during the trip. The reason for this is that Wings Air services are generally brief and usually less than an hour long. Can I get a reimbursement for my Wings Air tickets? If required, Wings Air offers reimbursements to travellers.

If you cancel a Wings Air flight, the maximum possible reimbursement is 50 percent of the basic rate. You can complete the reimbursement procedure by phoning the Wings Air Call Centre on 08 04 177 8899. Infants under 2 years of age will be billed 20 percent of the entrance fee for adults.

The regular entrance fee for adults applies to kids between 2 and 12 years of age. Kids are not permitted to travel without the supervision of a parents or legal guardians. You will find various ways of staying in touch with Wings Air here..... Gajah JL Mada No. 7, Lion Air Tower, Book a flight on-line or by telephone!

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