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Seat Reservation by Jet Airways

Ticket price Jet Airways Seat Select at Rs 200. Air ticket prices, routes, timetable here

Sales of Jet Airways''Seat Select' are only available until August 31, 2018. The company announces a "Seat Select" sales program that offers the option to choose priority seating at 200 RM for business travelers, Jet Airways said in a news announcement released today. The new Jet Airways service is available for travel within the airline's home base of 45 destination airlines.

It is also available to travellers travelling internationally to continue their trip in India. Selling Jet Airways''Seat Select' is a temporary offering and is effective until August 31, 2018, the airline continued. Five things you should know about the new Jet Airways sales offer: According to Jet Airways' new system, seats in seats 200 seats will be available to business travellers at any seat of their choosing, regardless of the date of departure, the airline said.

Except for a few such as the front seat line (bulkhead seats) and the back seat lines, all seating is available for purchase. It is not possible to sell on code share flight. Seat Select customers can access the airline's airfield and downtown ticket office, call the Jet Airways Customer Service Center, access the airline's website - - or register for the Jet Airways travel application.

The seat selection charge and the travel charge should be canceled together to claim the reimbursement, the carrier said. The seat selection charge cannot be refunded within 24 working days of your scheduled flight start. According to the carrier, the "Seat Selection" function is free of charge for all passengers travelling in first and premium classes, regardless of their choice of tariff and rank.

Currently, Jet Airways flies to 66 different airports, among them India and oversee. In addition to India, Jet Airways offers services to major global cities in Southeast Asia, South Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. Jet Airways Group currently owns and fleets 120 aircrafts consisting of Boeing 777-300 units, Airbus A330-200/300, the latest Boeing 737 Max 8, Boeing 737 of the next generation and ATR 72-500/600/600s.

Meanwhile, its competitor AirAsia is granting a 45 percent rebate on its home and overseas services.

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