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Apple's Three Things Easier MacBook Air Must Be a Pop

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It seems that accounts of the MacBook Air's demise have been overstated. Ming-Chi Kuo, plug-in analyst for KGI Securities (as featured by 9to5Mac), said Apple plans to launch a new edition of its legendary consumers' portal "at a lower price" sometime in the second half of 2018.

MacBook Air currently selling for $999, so the new MacBook Air would probably begin at $899 or even $799, which would be among the lowest price Macs ever made. Actually, Apple previously had an $899 11-inch MacBook Air before. Over the 10 years since its launch, MacBook Air has evolved from a high-priced high-end unit with an innovative look to an obsolete handheld with obsolete specifications and an ageing aesthetics.

It' s just about the Mac mini of the portablen line, and a reduction in prices would apparently only consolidate this location. MacBook Air may be the least expensive Mac laptop you can buy, but it's kind of in no man's earth when it comes to value. Take a look at MacBook Air versus MacBook, which is $300 more:

That' s quite obsolete for 2018, and if you look at the remainder of the Mac line, you'd think a less expensive machine would do more of that. The Mac minis is by far the most affordable Mac for your desk, and its copy of your campaign looks like something from 2014.

"The Mac mini-features fourth-generation Intel Core processor, quicker built-in graphic, Thunderbolt 2, next-generation Wi-Fi, and many connectivity options. "Even if you show off on the $999 Mac min ( and really, why should you?), you still don't get anything like a state-of-the-art computer. However, that doesn't mean a MacBook Air that's less expensive couldn't get to the point.

Apple last year took us by surprise with the launch of a $329 iPhone, a great entry-level model: retinal display, 32GB CPU, large size memory card, 19 " smart card and print finger. Nothing at its best, but it did two things: it emphasized the advantages of becoming "pro," and it did not penalize a consumer who wanted a cheap one.

It is the ideal iPhone for tens of thousands of people, and as such has brought some emotion to selling iPads. Similarly, a MacBook Air that's less expensive only needs three things to do the same for Mac notebooks: a return display, USB-C, and an updated Air name.

Increase the dissolution, trimming the bezel, shaving a few coins and adding a built-in U.S. connection, and you have a great entry-level Mac, especially when it only cost $799. Not all consumer Macs need to be like Mac minis. When Apple has learnt something from the iPad, it is that there is such a large niche for well-made low-end equipment as there is for high-end equipment, perhaps even more of them.

As we already know, a fresh Mac is on its way, a fresh Mac module that will hopefully make the Mac profession more important, and a new MacBook Air could do the same for the bottom end. Well, if only Apple could do the same for the Mac mini--

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