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13" MacBook Cases for MacBook Air | Sleeves & Backpacks

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Best MacBook Air Cases and Cover

Though it' s a little obsolete now, one of the most important sales arguments of the MacBook Air is its slim body. When you' re on the move and need to quickly put your notebook in a bigger pocket without having to worry about possible damage, a pocket or protective cover is probably a good one.

This is where our best MacBook Air enclosure listing comes in. However, please be aware that those who travel a lot may want a special notebook case or (even better) a TSA-approved notebook case for their MacBook Air. This blunt but sleek, cushioned case won't look like your MacBook Air, and it won't attract your precious eye.

On the inside, it's padded with a super-soft geotextile fabric that makes sure the outside of your notebook doesn't scratch. Lightweight and thin, these custom-fit, clip-on enclosures give your MacBook Air a coating that prevents things and scrapes from appearing on this flawless aluminium.

It even has port holes and ventilation slots so it doesn't interfere with your laptop's use. In terms of appearance, Incipio's Incipio Feather series is transparent, so the Apple emblem can stand out with four colour choices: If real hide is your cup of tee, this thin cover in Swedish Envelope design is made from naturally aged full calf hide from Italy.

Initially, according to the firm, it will look rigid until the leathers come off and fit your MacBook Air perfect. The sleeve contains a built-in memory cartridge recess for corporate and/or commercial payment and/or charge cards, a back compartment for a diary or document, and an "intelligent" cable clip for storage of wires or headphones.

It even has a small opening so you can recharge your MacBook Air while it's still inside. Shop it now at: Dress up your MacBook Air as an old bound hide with this smart bag. It' s durable, with strengthened edges, yet light, and has a smooth, cushioned microfibre inside with stretch belts on top to keep your MacBook Air in place.

Its troubled surface is made to look like a wet roller, with a ribbed back showing the book book above and Vol XII below. If you need a little colour in your lifetime, GMYLE offers six choices for its matt synthetic protective mat.

Constructed from transparent poly-carbonate, it just clicks into place on the cover and back of your MacBook Air to prevent possible scratching on the attractive aluminium surface. Colour choices are navy blue, orange, aqua green, violet metallics, crystal aqua blue and a Baby Pink and Serenity Blue colourway.

Instead, this MacBook Air case is a nice choice made from quality fabrics that are unmatched in most notebook cases. In addition to a cushioned notebook case, the offer includes an outside case with room for a telephone or an iPad Mini, the latter in case you want to rely on Apple electronic equipment.

The Mosiso PU Leather Book Folio is one of the cheaper, more professionally designed MacBook Air Cover on the Mac. Upholstered top and bottom of the book folio for added cushioning and cushioning. Contrary to many default sleeve selections, all MacBook Air Ports on the side of the device are always available.

If you''ve wasted your entire MacBook Air budgets yourself, you''ll be happy to know there's no need to crack the bench for a simple shell (the 11.6-inch is even less expensive with less than $10). The Amazon offer is the best compromise between value and value, a no-frills sleeve in smooth, elastic wet stripes, with a unique top zip that provides an appropriate amount of cushioning.

You' ll find the MacBook Air doesn't take up much room because it's not perfect for Apple's thin and lightweight laptop. Yet this hull is still valuable as a look at the cash. Purchase it now: The rugged Dux Rugged Case from STM is a great safety option for even the most accident-prone MacBook Air user.

Rubberised poly-carbonate mounts help keep the sides and edges of your notebook safe from accidental falls, while textured elastic pads on the bottom help keep the computer from slipping on smooth floors. Any labels or adaptations you have on your MacBook Air will definitely show through with this case.

The 0 is a high-quality, heavy-duty case for your MacBook Air. Half stiff outer surface and round, cushioned corners protect your machine from scratching and the unavoidable jerking. Contrary to conventional sleeve designs, the clamp shell allows you to use MacBook Air while it's stashed inside. With just 14 oz, this machine offers great coverage without giving your slim MacBook Air extra weight when stored in your rucksack or bag.

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