Private Taxi Company

A private taxi company

Services include first class taxi calling, private car calling, hitch (social ride sharing), DiDi chauffeur, DiDi bus, DiDi minibus, DiDi test drive, DiDi car. Don't waste your money trying and making mistakes by trying other taxi services on the island. Excellent private taxi company - Rating of Taxi Directo, Lima, Peru

Taxi Directo has been used on several journeys to Lima, both to/from the airports and within Lima. Our services are reliable, proffesional and inexpensive. Taxation of road-taxes in Lima is not a good concept - it is not always secure and since there are no metres, you do not know if the tariffs are reasonable.

I always know what I will be paying with Taxi Directo and I have never felt insecure. Recommended as the best taxi company in Lima. Undoubtedly, this is the best taxi pick-up and drop-off point at the airports. I' ve recently begun to travel a lot and have taken cabs from all the businesses at the airports and by far the best is Taxi Directo.

Drivers were very courteous and supportive and the cars were much better than other cars. This taxi company is recommended very much! I had a six-hour stay in Lima and wanted to do something outside the house for supper, so I came up to this booth to ask for it.

Since he waited for us, we invited him to supper and a big tip.... So after a lovely supper and a secure and punctual return journey we gave him the tip and our thanks for the great wait. Really liked everything about the company. Also, the fare was extraordinarily cheap for the shuttle bus services - about 36 US$ round trips.

It is recommended to everyone who comes to visit us in this city. There was baggage and when we walked past the overcrowded busses, we were so lucky that we had to pay for a private taxi. It was our error to assume that we were secure in a taxi, especially in an offical taxi. Although this is not the direct blame of the taxi company or the chauffeur, I wish we had been told to keep our things on the bottom of our taxi and out of view and within range.

In Lima, this seems to be a frequent event, so all taxi operators should draw passengers' attention to the possible risks. Guess we were discovered right at the airfield when we got into the taxi, but of course I can't proof it. Have you ever been to Taxi Directo?

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