My Taxi Madrid

Taxi Madrid

I would avoid it if this company had something to do with My Taxi in Madrid. Taxi app In those days, there was a strong trend towards parking companies. A few month later they went to a strange city and tried to take a taxi. It couldn't have been more complicated: no taxi far and near. Besides, they had no phone number of a taxi center and had no clue where they were exactly.

You wondered why there was no way to order a taxi no matter where you were. If you think only of this issue, you start discussing the taxi industry's bright prospects again and return to your initial idea: a mobile ordering system for taxi. It is based on the principle of establishing a link between taxi drivers and passengers in order to provide a contemporary option for the ordering procedure.

Specifically designed for this purpose, the application (iOS, Android, WP7, BlackBerry) has so far shipped more than 10 million copies and is available in more than 40 towns and over 45 years of age. There are two free version of the application - one for the rider and one for the front seat passengers.

Android Play Store, BlackBerry World and on the World? website. Both are also available via the Windows Store Place. Throughout the ordering procedure, the customer is notified of the telephone number and name of the chauffeur, the data from the vehicle and the averaging for the chauffeur.

Passengers are tracked by GPS and can track the entire journey to see exactly when the taxi arrives.

with myTaxi Madrid - Enjoy 5? discount on your first trip!

More than 10 million visitors around the world make it one of the most beloved transport applications of 2016. It is a vast metropolis and it is very likely that you will have to visit it more often than usual. Why not take a comfortable and stylish trip at a sensible cost? Book your next taxi now from your cell or home and don't miss out on the rebate.

From any Apple, Android or Blackberry products you can get your hands on it! Just downlaod the application, open your own free trial and get instant entry to a whole range of simple transportation options! Once you've opened your free trial you' ll be asked to make some settings. By connecting your payment with your own bank transfer, your payment will be automated and uncomplicated!

As soon as everything is up and running, don't neglect to include the promotion Joachim.Wol in your account. Entering a promotion key will not be displayed between ordering and buying your trip, so be sure to enter it in your account information!

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