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Show flights Fixed dates | Flexible dates. On this page you will not find any information as to why you should book return or one-way flights. In case you cannot find the flights/destinations you are looking for, please contact our Helpdesk. But the trick is to use the search option "Multi-City" when booking a flight. When you need to book a stopover flight, try booking through an airline.

Provides multiple destinations in one booking options.

Our travel destination is Australia (Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide), China (Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'An, Chongqing), Japan (Tokyo via Haneda & Narita, Osaka, Nagoya), South Korea (Seoul, Busan), Taiwan (Taipei), Nepal (Kathmandu), Sri Lanka (Colombo) and Saudi Arabia (Jeddah). Visitors can choose to travel on more than one flight for the same journey, according to their destination and fares.

Launched on 3 December 2014, the booking options will offer customers more choice and versatility in their multi-city itineraries. Via the booking facility, travellers can also choose the Business Class and Premium Flex tariffs for point-to-point trips. Multitown itineraries can include both point-to-point and fly-thru sections in a booking.

Thus, for example, travellers can make a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, followed by a flight from Shanghai to Sydney.

Passports: All you need to know

Whether you've been dreaming of travelling in South America with your backpack, visiting several Asian destinations or jumping on a South Pacific isle, you might be a good flight ticket bid. Flight passports are mainly provided by domestic carriers and multinational flight associations and are specialized tariff plans that allow you to travel at reduced prices to several towns in a particular area in order to create your own personal travel route.

When you are traveling extensively within a large country such as Australia or a major area such as Europe, a flight passport can help you safe cash when you buy point-to-point passes. Would you like an aerial passport? Some operators ask you to buy and book every stage of your journey before you depart home, while others allow you to modify your flight details or insert additional flight information while on the move.

Before buying, make sure you understand the regulations that govern your ticket. Flight tickets are provided by the three main carrier coalitions (Star Alliance, Oneworld and SkyTeam), by single carriers and sometimes by third parties. Alliance flights can be your best choice if you are interested in traveling extensively in a large area such as Africa or Asia; if you want to concentrate on just one country or a smaller area ( such as Australia or Southeast Asia), you'd better buy a passport from a single carrier flying to that area.

Please consider all frequently travelled programmes to which you may already be affiliated when selecting your passport. When you are a member of a fidelity programme for another carrier within the same Allianz as the issuer of your passport, you may be able to use the mileage earned on your passport for that programme.

A lot of tickets must be bought in connection with an intercontinental flight to the area with the same carrier (or Codeshare Partner) as the carrier that provides the passport. In order to avoid problems, either buy your tickets and passport at the same moment, or have the verification key for your tickets ready when you book your passport when you buy them seperately - so the agents can see your current reservations for you.

You must either call the operator directly or work with a tour operator. Don't expect a flight passport to be your cheapest choice. You may also want to call any carrier established in the country where you are staying to find out if they provide flight tickets, as these programmes are not always readily available on carriers' web sites.

Star Alliance Africa Airpass services more than 55 destinations in 23 Africa destinations, among them Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. At least three but no more than 10 flight vouchers must be purchased. Travelling in Economy-class is good with South Africa Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, EGYPTAIR and Brussels Airlines, and the passport must be purchased in combination with an Intermcontinental fare to/from Africa with a Star Alliance member carrier.

It is valid for a period of at least three business days and no longer than three month and can be purchased through a Star Alliance member carrier or via a Star Alliance agency. Oneworld' Oneworld' Africa Visits Passport is best suited for travellers who want to stay focused on South Africa, with a particular emphasis on Johannesburg, Cape Town and Victoria Falls.

Booking at least two sections is required, but you only need to validate the first section at the moment of booking, giving you a flexible option for the remainder of your journey as long as you require your flight to be open dated. Your flight is not a flight that you have scheduled. "The Visit Africa Passport operates with British Airways and its subsidiary Comair and can be purchased through a tour operator or through any Oneworldline.

Editorial note: If you plan to fly only in North Africa, you may be better off with a European flight passport (see below). The Star Alliance Asia Airpass allows you to fly up to three month throughout Asia. The price of coupons varies depending on the length of the section; you must buy a minimum of three and a maximum of 10 coupons.

Passport must be obtained in connection with a flight to Asia from outside the area on a Star Alliance member carriers. Booking is through a Star Alliance member ticketing agency or member ticketing company. Editorial Note: Star Alliance also provides a flight ticket to China. SkyTeam's offerings are good in 26 markets for up to 12 month, with a reach of 3 to 10 stations.

This passport is valid for several Asiatic as well as Australia and New Zealand states. Passports can be obtained from a SkyTeam agency or from a SkyTeam carrier. With the Oneworld Visiting Asia Passport you can enter 50 different destinations in 18 different nations, among them Delhi, Seoul, Bangkok and Tokyo. So long as you make at least two bookings, you may continue to fly on Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines or their subsidiaries for as long as your qualified tickets are valid.

Intercity pairs are calculated at fixed prices according to geographical area. It is necessary to make certified bookings for your first flight, but other bookings may be made later if you require these sections to be open dated. Please note that you can only make bookings for other flight types if you have a valid reservation. "You can buy the passport through a tourist agency or an Oneworld member company.

Editorial note: Onseworld also provides a Japan Passport Visiting. Qantas Explorer is a multi-city flight that must be bought in combination with a trans-Pacific flight between the U.S. and Australia with Qantas or American Airlines. Tariffs for home to Australia are determined by the amount of flight travelled. The Air New Zealand Explorer Passport is a versatile tariff choice ideally suited for travellers exploring New Zealand, travelling the Australia coastline or jumping around the South Pacific Isles such as Tahiti, Fiji and Western Samoa.

Up to 10 flight vouchers can be bought, with rates that vary by area. Passport must be obtained in connection with an Air New Zealand Trans-Pacific flight to one of the points included in the passport. In order to buy, call your local tour operator or Air New Zealand. Editorial Note: If you are interested in a broader area, try the Star Alliance Circle Pacific Fare, which covers North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The Oneworld Visit Australia and New Zealand Passport includes more than 60 destination and is a great option if you want to focus your travel on Australia; thanks to Qantas, an Oneworld member company, it services more Australia towns than the Star Alliance competitor passport. This passport does not, however, cover the South Pacific Islands.

Segmented pricing is geographical and you must buy at least two. We do not have a limit beyond the value of your tickets (which must be purchased with an one-world carrier). If you are looking to buy, please call a local agency or an Oneeworld member. Editorial note: There is also a Circle Pacific tariff on offer which covers Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North and South America.

Star Alliance's Europe Airpass comprises 40 nations and provides three to ten vouchers for journeys within Europe and North Africa. You must confirm your first flightegment in advance, but later flightelements can be verified after you start your journey. The journey is valid for up to three month and the passport must be bought in combination with an International European ticketing with a Star Alliance carrier or a Star Alliance Round the World Fare.

For booking, please consult a Star Alliance member carrier or your local tour operator. The SkyTeam-Allianz, which covers 44 nations, provides a Go Europe Pass with no minimal or maximal stopover. There is no need to make an advance reservation for flight sections, except for your first one, which gives you plenty of room on your journey.

They must buy at least three vouchers, calculated by geographic area, up to a limit of 16. Passport must be used in connection with an Interkontinental flight with any SkyTeam airline or with a SkyTeam Round the World ticketing. Aeroflot, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, Czech Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and TAROM operate in 44 different nationalities.

Please check with your local tour operator or call a SkyTeam member company. Publisher comment: SkyTeam also provides Go-Russia passports. Oneworld' Visit Europe provides access to 220 destinations in more than 50 European and North African nationalities. At least two flight vouchers must be purchased, but there is no limit to the number of flight options you can take - and the passport is still in effect as long as your tickets are internationally accepted.

Passport is available in connection with an intercontinental flight to Europe with an Oneworld member company or affiliated company. In order to make a booking, call your local tour operator or an Oneworld member company. This SkyTeam passport is suitable for trips within the United States and Canada. Three to 16 vouchers can be purchased; pricing varies depending on the country of residence, the number of vouchers purchased and the season you are travelling to.

Your max stop depends on the flight date of your ITC. Just reserve a place on a Delta Air Lines flight at least 14 business days prior to your trans-atlantic, trans-Pacific or inter-continental flight date; reserve the remainder at your option. It is available in combination with a SkyTeam Round the World Passport or an overseas flight to North America with a SkyTeam member carrier (or associated carrier).

Please check with a SkyTeam carrier or your local agency to make a purchasing decision. Star Alliance North America Airpass is valid for more than 300 international flights in 18 different nations, among them the United States, Canada, Mexico and a number of Pacific isles. Except for a few exemptions, it is not accessible to inhabitants of a country that falls under the passport.

They can buy three to ten flight vouchers and spend up to three month travelling. It is available in combination with a Star Alliance Round the World Fare, Circle Fare or Intracontinental Air Fare to the United States, Canada or Mexico from a Star Alliance member carrier. You must book your first flight in advance; for subsequent departures, you may modify your reservation up to two hour prior to your flight time.

Please check with a Star Alliance member carrier or your local agency to make your purchases. With the Oneworld Visiting North America Passport, you can reach more than 250 tourist attractions in North American markets, covering the entire Americas, as well as the Americas. While there is no requirement for a minimal length of time, you must reserve at least two tickets; you can reserve up to 10 tickets over a 60 day limit.

Every part of your route must be approved at the moment of booking, but changes can be made at a later date for an extra charge. Passport is available in combination with an Oneworld member company return flight to North America. Please consult an Oneworld carrier or your local agency to make a reservation.

Oneworld' Visiting South America Passport services 65 major towns in 10 different nations, among them Argentina, Brazil and Peru. At least three flight must be booked and the trip is up to 12 month only. However, you must make your reservation the flight (except the first one) the last flight you wish to take the first.

This is a great place to go to visit Easter Island, the Galapagos or the Amazon. In order to make a booking, please consult a local tourist agency or an Oneworld member company.

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