Helicopter Hire Glasgow

Glasgow Helicopter Rental

Hubschrauberdienste for chartering, airlifting, aerial surveying and aerial photography. Helicopters operates from bases in Ireland, England and Scotland. Scotland Helicopter Charter | Delivering the highest standard of helicopter charter and helicopter rental to residential and commercial customers, we offer tailor-made helicopter solutions to take you to your desired destinations in a stylish manner. Our fast reaction times and our tireless quest for excellence and security mean that we are ideally equipped to carry out air photo photography campaigns of any scale and sizing.

An inexpensive way to visit Scotland. We have a helicopter squadron (Bell 206 Jetranger, Bell 206L4 Longranger seat 4, 6 and Agusta 109 seat 6). Custom helicopter charters are available to ensure you get the most out of your flight in the most stylish way. That makes helicopter trips inexpensive.

Prevent stressful and inconvenient situations caused by jams in your roads.

The helicopter is a trusted place in many of Britain's best hotel, castel and lodge establishments. No matter if you are an entertainer, a member of a good working group or a good employee, we can take you to racing events, motorsport tracks, golf tournaments and golf courses. Hubschrauber offer you a fast and cost-effective way to get you where you need to be.

A helicopter's capacity to float and touch down opens up a multitude of places we can take you door-to-door to avoid congestion, highway delay, and platform congestion awaiting trains. Our fleet of choppers with skilled pilot personnel ensures that you get there quickly and comfortably and leave on schedule for your next flight.

All our helicopter flyers are highly trained to operate in almost any weather and our choppers are quick and spacious. With our choppers you can also give your business event a hint of sophistication, or motivate and encourage excellence from individual employees in your business. Our success is in bringing locals to a variety of event sites such as The Open Golf, The Races, to more distant places in the Scottish Uplands for teambuilding practice.

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