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Taxis (TV series 1978-1983) - Quotations

Ignatowski: It's yours, I made it for you. Look, enlaine, your fairytale can come true. Now. I know I'm not the most famous person in the whole wide universe. You' re really a cute, respectable man. "Ignatowski: Ignatowski: Hey, Alex - You know what's really great about TV?

"Jim Ignatowski: Reverend" Jim Ignatowski: I was in Woodstock. "Ignatowski: Yes, half a million folks came together in peaceful and harmonious atmosphere and grooved to Joni and The Who... hey, you know, if I hadn't gone there would have been only 499,999 folks... happiness for them that I left. "Jim Ignatowski": I was wearing a flower in my head and meditating for long periods.

This is Alex Rieger: All dispatcher are trash. You know what the differences are between you and me, Nardo? This is Alex Rieger: Poor Elaine Nardo. It' so upsetting that she was mixing narcotics and booze and spending the nights with you... if most humans just died.

He' gonna come back... they' re all coming back... the only one who never came back was James Caan... and I'm still waiting! This is Alex Rieger: This is Alex Rieger: Ignatowski has a dad? Hey, Bobby, I was hoping someone would slam a hole in your face, you' d be sneezing, and your fucking face would explode.

"Jim Ignatowski: I wonder about things like, if they call an oranges an " oranges ", why don't we call a Banana a " amber " or an Apfel a " Rote "? Harrow: [Elaine tries to persuade a whore to look good for her Latka papa marriage] Honey, I was everything from Little Bo Peep to Darth Vader.

Slaine Nardo: [Louie just confessed that his mom needs surgery] What's with her? ouie de palma: feminine issues, she's beginning to look nothing like one. Mr. Rieger isn't here right now. You' re a scumbag! I' m gonna make you the second poorest taxi rider in New York City!

The most unfortunate taxi rider in New York City is the one who lets him down or gives him food! Louis De Palma: Whenever I heard the words "marriage", I said, "Check, please! "Louie De Palma: I know what it is to be loved because I go to chat shows. The end of luck is the end of romance!

Louis De Palma: Get this hideous fleeing smelly pet out of my car park and tell him to take his steed with him! "Jim Ignatowski." This is Alex Rieger: This is Alex Rieger:

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