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Photos of private aircraft

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The private jet is an icon representing the climax of aviation. Near the floor, the highlights move more quickly and produce longer traces of sunlight. "It is a beautiful gunshot that catches velocity and excitement with brilliance, and the balanced interior and exterior lighting makes it a dignified winner".

Mackie: "There were a few photos of the dashboard in this class, but this picture was by far the most convincing, because the inside lighting harmonizes well with the outside. Slower exposure time caused outdoor luminaires to become blurred, contributing to contrasts with indoor luminaires.

"Motion, technically challenging picture, great illumination. "Manfred Zollner: "Because of the beautiful mixture of lights and the wide angle view, the artist decided to show this. "There is so much to see in this photograph, and it was all taken under poor lights and at a crucial point in the flight." "During the severe October rainfall in Costa Rica, most airplanes use the runway 25, which allows a great swivel with a really damp landing area.

" "but I was in wireless communication with my photopilot mate. Taking pictures of a Lear Jet from behind is a classical piece that gives a great outline. This picture arouses emotions. "Adam Twidell: "The colors and contrasts in this picture are so distinctive. It is the ideal setting and corner to show the LearJet 60 at its best.

"Breathtaking illumination, created by the careful balance of lights in the dashboard - well done" Tom Mackie: "This picture has nice lights and nice colours. "Manfred Zollner: "Beautiful blend of setting sun and the bright colours of the dashboard lights, together with this dramatic effect that reflects the damp floor. It is an atmospheric, almost filmic picture with perfectly lit illumination.

That was a gunshot. "Magnificent corner, shows that the shooter has taken the trouble to take a more extraordinary picture, they look as if they are talking to each other. "Tom Mackie: "I liked this picture very much for the uncommon compositions and designs in the positiv and negativ area. "That'?s a great representation of velocity, and it must have been hard to get at.

It' s also an uncommon piece that conveys a great sense of speed," the Richter says: Says Paul Bowen: "The plane's bluish contrasts with the green-brown backdrop set the plane in motion. The pan of the layer and pan of the photographic equipment kept the layer in view and smudged the backdrop, further lowering the layer.

According to Manfred Zollner: "Great atmosphere, soft lighting in the plane, vibrant harvest and of course a breathtaking skyline", according to the jury: Mackie: "Great shooting directly into the plane with nice hot lights. "An interesting corner, the almost black look combined with the engine temperature gives the recording a deep and interesting look.

I like the 747 because of the cut, the illumination and the base music. It' hard to tell what a "detail" is, especially with such a large scene, but the overall picture has a great feel. This is a beautiful picture, with perfectly illuminated and composed pictures, and also telling a story," says Paul Bowen.

One notices that the marksman took the trouble to plan this shooting, even down to the damp asphalt. It is my favourite picture in the whole competition. Metcalfe: "I liked seeing other "crew members" on the floor as smaller characters in this recording because they're just as important as other participating members of the teams, but when we think of "crew" we think of more just pilot and cab personnel.

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