Extreme Private Jets

Private Extreme Jets

The choice to hire a private jet through a commercial airline offers you the highest comfort over extreme inconvenience. Prepared private jets for short runways in case of emergency The Citation Encore, Citation Excel and Citation Sovereign jets are some of the best for carrying out the journey. The three have the capability to take off and landing on shorter take-off and landing strips of less than 4,000 ft in length.

The Cessna team interviewed a NASA aerodynamic engineer and an internal specialist to reshape the Citation Jet plane's rectilinear blade. This redesigned aerofoil provides a stream of improved airflow with improved dispersion, resulting in fewer tugs and an increase in cruising speed, which means fewer runways are required. These three jets each have their own specific properties that make them the right choices for specific situations:

He resists difficult meteorological and runway situations. The Citation can take off from a runway less than 4,000 ft long. Nine passenger space in the Citation. Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and extreme runway lengths, this premium quality aircraft is the perfect fit for charter flights to practically any location that offers these challenging features.

The Excel can take off and landing on 3,590-foot long airstrips - the most stunning of all jets in the same category. Pratt & Whitney Canada turbo fans give the Excel motor an improved air flow for high temperature. Excel can hold nine or fewer people.

One of the most luxurious of all medium-sized jets. Valued for its flexibility, low running cost and comfort, this high-flying star is probably the most energetic of the three jets cased. Powerful: Whether you' re taking off or land from sealevel, this powerful aircraft can take off and land efficiently from up to 3,490ft!

At higher elevations, however, longer take-off and landing strips are necessary. Pressure equalization functions in the cab, superior thermal control and ice protection allow the Citation to resist various meteorological situations and improve engine fuels efficiencies. Flight comfort is appreciated by our customers. Featuring entertaining equipment, electrical sockets, and sound connections, the stuffed cab is designed to meet the needs of corporate travellers on the go.

No matter whether your goal is a high-altitude mountaineering holiday or an isolated tropic isle, today's technologies ensure that these three jets are up to the task. For private or group charters, please call Stratos jet charters at (888) 593-9066. Round-the-clock, our private jets agent is available to offer you several private jets for your on-demand outing.

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