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In private planes

In the private planes of the most mighty guides in the can. LUBAI: The most mighty guides in the whole wide range of the earth are no unknowns in old age and fly around the globe in specialised airplanes. Air Charter Service, a British charter firm specialising in head of state charter, freight charter for human aid and private charter for recreation, has recently published a listing of the stunning planes used by some of the world's most respected aviation authorities.

Browse through the galleries above for a detailed look at these tailor-made planes. First and foremost, the US presidency is relying on two identically tailored planes. These planes are highly engineered Boeing 747-200B model airplanes and are designated within the Federal Administration with their name VC-25A. For airports that cannot take the VC-25A, a more robust Boeing C-32 is used.

The Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani owns a magnificent aircraft that is used by many members of his kingdom. During business travels, the manager is supported by an environment of around 1,000 persons, among them members of the families, members of the delegations and employees of the services department.

Therefore, most of his travels are carried out by several airplanes. The Qatari mission came once with 10 planes to the talks with the Japanese premier and with eight planes to Switzerland. Sheik Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and his 250 000 000 000 $ VIP Boeing 767-400FSER The Royal Aviation of Bahrain is a state-owned carrier of the Bahrain Royal Flight, established in 1981.

The current airline has six aircrafts: a Boeing Business Jet BBJ2, two Boeing 747-400s, a Boeing 767-400ER, a Gulfstream G-IV and a Bell 430. Voladimir Putin's $500 million million plane The flag ship of Vadimir Putin is the Russian IL-96-300PU. Governments have put on deck an enhanced communications system that enables the plane to function as a centre of excellence for managing the immediate command of forces in the event of an unforeseen war.

The lady is relying on the United Kingdom's thirty-two season for transport. This includes two AW109 choppers for missions of less than 1,000 kilometres, six BAE-125 aircraft with a maximum cruising distance of 3000 kilometres and four mid-size responsive BAE-146 aircraft.

Empress Elizabeth II also has a private chopper, the Sikorsky S-76 Spirit, as part of the royalty. At present, the Queen and her relatives can be taken to important occasions by Royal Air Force aircraft and helidecks. Teresa May and her $250,000,000,000 Airbus A330 The UK's thirty-two season recently purchased their own Airbus A330 for $250 million.

Much of the new aircraft's mission is to accompany the UK Premier on formal travel with the state. Reportedly, the conversion of the aircraft of the UK PM costs a humble 20 million dollars.

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