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Cab fares in Espoo, Finland. De-regulation entails many changes Trafi, the Finnish road safety authority, reports that on Sunday, the first date on which new legislation to open the taxi sector came into force, it obtained 700 on-line taxi operating requests. Said the agent will issue the first rate of taxi charges on Monday. Mr Pylvää said that the company had been receiving more job application than anticipated.

"This was a pleasant surprising and the concept of this transportation company was well implemented, so new possibilities and businessmen will emerge," he added. Besides the authorization to run a taxi as a company, companies also require a taxi driver's licence, while the car to be used must be licensed for use as a taxi.

With the new law, competence for issues relating to road permits was delegated from Trafi to locally based centers for economical growth, transportation and environmental protection (ely-keskus). Liberalisation of the sector will lead to changes in tariffs and price criterias as well as in ordering procedures for taxis. According to the Finnish government, 90 per cent of taxi orders in Finland in the near term will be made via a large number of cell phones, which means that the infamous taxi lines in the early hours of the day could soon become a relict in Helsinki city centre.

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Could you take a taxi from Sibelius Park, Helsinki to Espoo? In your opinion, how much would it take to get there and back? How much does it take to catch a coach if a taxi doesn't go? Taximeters definitely take a journey to Espoo. allows you to charge the estimated price.

Whilst the taxi is either slow or wait, you will be billed 44,60 ?/hour. Estimated charge for an 11 km trip is 23 , preferably by card. Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings. Hopefully you will participate in the discussion by writing on an open thread or new one.

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