Maxi Taxi Kosice

Taxi Maxi Kosice

Ko?ice Maxi Taxi, Kosice, Slovakia. With Maxi Taxi you can take a taxi from Ko?ice to Jasov.

Arrival and accommodation

After Bratislava, Ko?ice is the second largest Slovak republic. Kosice is a historic eastern Slovakia based municipality established in 1230 with a population of 240,000. Secondly, this will welcome you by providing you with a wide range of opportunities for culture since it became the European Capitals of Culture in 2013.

Finally, we would like to present another Ko?ice icon, the cross-country running figure. We are reminded of the 1924 edition of the Peace March, the oldest in Europe and one of the oldest in the whole wide range, organised every fall. Ko?ice offers flights directly to the Ko?ice area: from Ko?ice main station to the airport:

From Ko?ice International Airports you can reach the centre of the town by taxi (the taxi numbers are given below) or by no: 23 hourly leaving the centre of the town from the Ko?ice International Airports (called Ko?ice Taxi Stop): In case you cannot find a non-stop ticket to Ko?ice, we suggest you to visit the Budapest International Airports website (

There is a definite link to Budapest (Hungary) from where you can take a three-way daily rail service from downtown Budapest to Ko?ice railway station (see: or a regular shuttleservice from the Budapest main station to downtown Budapest (see: It'?s by train:

Coming from Bratislava, Prague, Budapest etc. there are high-speed and intercity railways to Ko?ice. Please find more information on the latest rail connections at There are Eurolines and fast buses to Ko?ice from many Slovak and Slovak municipalities. You can also call a TAXI at one of the following numbers for transportation within the city:

The taxi prices in the cities vary from 3 to 8 euros. Taxis available in Ko?ice are available at Book a room in a Ko?ice hotel: The hotels we recommend:

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