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Just how simple it is to take a taxi when you are in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Forum

I' ve searched the boards and searched Googel for replies and I' m stuck. I have seen a lot of guys arguing about personal trips and travel agents, but no real cabs, and trying to gull a taxi company in Sri Lanka hasn't brought me anything useful yet. There is no need for a trip, just the transportation to Kegalle.

So when I get to Sri Lanka, my query is how simple it is to find a taxi to drive us relatively long distance (this trip would take 1.30 hour according to Google). I screwed up my booking, so we end our elephant days at 16.30 in Kegalle and have to go to Wilpattu the same night.

So, is it simple to take a cab for such a long stretch? From Polgahawela I saw that we could take a rail from Polgahawela to Thambuttegama, but again, once in Thambuttegama, how simple (or not) would it be to take a taxi to Wilpattu? I had sent an e-mail to another company to take us from Wilpattu to Sigiriya a few working days later, as there seems to be no other way, but again no answer!

Even a hyperlink to a taxi company that responds to your mail would be a great help.

Latest Taxi Tariffs - Sri Lanka Forum

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have some queries about the taxi fares currently available on the website of the Swiss Airports Authority ( The other way is to just use kangaroos or choose me. Inexpensive and more dependable than taxi services at airports. I would choose kangaroo for myself because I have had poor experience with the latter, but they are both equal, if not safer and more dependable than taxi cars.

The employees of TravelAdvisor deleted this article because it did not comply with the rules of the TravelAdvisor forums and prohibited self-promotion or invitation. Contributions that do not comply with our policies will be deleted, and we retain the right to delete any contribution for any reasons. I' d stay out of kangaroo booths. You cited us Ikr1500 for an airfield pick-up with name plate (Dropoff in Negombo) and then persisted in Ikr2500 as they drove us off.

that kangaroo is a bad choice. However, if you use their application to make bookings, they are less expensive. 1,500k to negative is a gag. However, in relation to providing a vehicle to you they are dependable. I also had a similar blissful driver from a taxi at the station. Choose me over and these days I am using more and more WOW cabins..... really inexpensive and so far dependable...... all of them are optional.

For Negombo, kangaroo is a terrible business. Over cost about 2,000-2,500 LKR for airports, so still less expensive than other auto service and taxi. Lower than the offered Pick Me rate.

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