How much to Hire a Helicopter

What does it cost to rent a helicopter?

Charter helicopter London from Charter-a Ltd. Our experts for the transfer of people from and to London by helicopter. Hubschraubercharter has many elements that affect the cost of the mission. What does a flight cost? Is it possible to rent a helicopter for two passengers?

Have you got a query for large helicopter operations and are not familiar with the sector?

Helicopter' is an elaborate instrument. Heliticket AS's Flight Generator programme also gives you the possibility to see other people's mission or publish your own mission so you can split your outlay. Be it helicopter transportation and the handling of goods in huts and material or seating in public transportation from one place to another.

Have you got a query for large helicopter operations and are not familiar with the sector? Hubschraubercharter has many items that impact the costs of the helicopter flight. How much does it take to get a helicopter to go? or, what does it take to get a 70 square meter holiday home to go?

Everybody's reply is the cost per flight lesson! With helicopter service for all mission size we help you and are carried out by specialist authorised flight mission operator. Hubschrauberdienste with Piloten and Betreiber, which fly the Missionen, all have a Pilotenlizenz for the industriellen transportation of Helicschraubern.

You will be flying everyday flights with Norwegian carriers. Leveraging the best operative skills, we offer marketing knowledge, creative thinking and good business practices for those who need a helicopter. Helicopters aren't as pricey as you think.

New Zealand helicopter adventures and sightseeing flights, FAQ's

The costs depend on your needs, there are several choices on the Skytour website or we can help you to arrange a trip according to your wishes and inform you about the costs. The helicopter can be hired for as many or as few people as possible, but the airfare will remain the same and will be cheaper if it can be divided among the largest number of people.

Skytour tickets must be paid in full in anticipation, you can select to either make your payment in full currency, directly by your own major international debit cards or by your major international debit or debit card: we accepts Mastercard & Visa (2.65% banking fee for major international debit cards). You can, the pilots will talk about how to use the cameras during the flight. Booking in advanced is always good to guarantee the helicopter uptime.

Once you have made your reservation and purchased your ticket, we will reimburse you up to 48hrs before your departure, 48hrs or less - no refunds. In the event that the cancellation is due to bad weather or emergencies (e.g. fire brigade), you may opt for a rebooking or we will reimburse your full cost of the ticket.

Yeah, every helicopter has a maximal load it can support. The number of persons, baggage and petrol needed for the journey determines this. If you are making your reservation when the max number of passenger flies, please do not be offensive if you are asked to describe your passenger as it is for the convenience and security of all to make sure that the helicopter load limits are not overshot.

At the front two passenger with the driver and at the back four passenger in the cab. When making the reservation, you must specify the ages of the kids and, if necessary, the pilots will put on a safety harness for each kid who can rest securely on the parent's or guardian's knee.

Standard business times are Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 16:30. Reservations are accepted for Saturdays and if necessary we also offer flights outside these times.

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