How to Fly Private Jet for Cheap

Flying a private jet for cheap

Navigating through the current options means first determining how many hours you want to fly privately each year. Does air travel in first grade usually cost less than a private jet? Our destination is about 2.5 - 3 hrs away, so call it $4,500 to $6,000 for a round the world. In order to fly advertising to the same place, I currently am paying about $1200 round-trip, bus rate, must switch aircraft with a 2-hour stay in each destination, and because of air traffic I cannot make the journey in one single travel date, so I always have an over night itinerary.

I was looking - bus fares if $1400 round trips, but half the journey is on a pool container that has no bus far - it was over $2000 last year. Two full day and I don't arrive until 23:00 on my way back or make it to my house after middle of the night.

Still, if I am the only one who travels, it is much less expensive for me to fly advertising. There are two guys going, it's still cheap for advertising. More than three, it's less expensive to fly the jet. The majority of us have timetables, so we may have several weekly sessions, which would not be possible if you need 2 nights for just one outing.

My chief and I took the jet to one place last weekend in the mornings, spending the whole afternoon debugging our facility, that evening flying to the other place, spending the nights, spending the next whole afternoon debugging and seeing our business associates, then flying home that evening and arriving around 8pm.

It would have taken four instead of two working day for the same journey in the business sector (due to the remoteness of the sites we do not have many business flights). We have a small department - it's just him and me - and we can hardly work more working time than we already do.

If you buy a jet ticket, you not only buy flying lessons, but also lessons of your own free will. Once you've seen these beautiful images, we dare you not buy a Jet Cards! FloydPrivateFriday

The Jet Card allows you to make a jet reservation and a call is sure you know the security standard from your airplane and pilot procurement programme. Jr. is enchanting and #NetJets is great, but really, #OnlyNetJets is! Boston to the Turks & Caicos on a Gulfstream GIV provides for a lucky dad and heir.

Thank you for the great James Dean quote and the great dad and kid on a private jet photo! We' re not going to tell her that NetJets has a Global IVSP fractional jet so she can fly non-stop to her name-city!

Hopefully this has been the inspiration that led you to buy a Jet Cards.

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