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Wellcome to Alamo and Austin helicopter tours. Booking Alamo Helicopters - San Antonio Helicopters. Helicopter private tours Join us on the adventures of a lifetime! It' s a great time! Our helicopter business specializes in helicopter flights and tours over Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Passengers are offered an incomparable helicopter flight to see some of the most thrilling Los Angeles and Las Vegas sights from the heights.

We are headquartered in Los Angeles, outside Whiteman Airport. There are also satellites in Las Vegas, Orange County and Branson, MO. Helicopter tours over Los Angeles are the best way to see the City of Angels from the beaches to the Hollywood sign. Select from our everyday departures and departures with views of the Hollywood sign, Hollywood sights, famous houses and Los Angeles city center and more.

Do you need a beachside luncheon? View one of our helicopter tours to the famous Santa Monica Pier and Temescal State Beaches. When you want the best of both worlds, join our most beloved Hollywood Walking Tours, which explore the beaches and Hollywood's most famous sights. Capable of accommodating any travel group, large or small, we can provide you with the best helicopter flight experience possible.

Take us to Las Vegas and go to heaven with you. There is a special tour schedule for every visitor. Ranging from stunning scenic tours to a drive that highlights the highlights of the Vegas town, we have the best chance to see the Capital of Lights...from the Heavens! If you want a truly memorable helicopter trip, select one of the many Las Vegas helicopter tours we provide to see the worlds renowned fluorescent tubes in the thrills of a helicopter.

If you choose a travel agency for your Los Angeles or Las Vegas adventures, you want the best. They can be sure that we have the most secure choppers and the most skilled and experience pilot in the country.

canyon antelope & horseshoe bend

Soak up the thrills of a helicopter that lands about 1,000 ft above the floor! Tower Butte is secluded in the desert: a tower of skyscrapers constructed by the natural world. From here you have a 360-degree panoramic sight of the beautiful scenery and Lake Powell. Prepare your cameras to catch the tranquil Lake Powell scenery, the technical marvels of Glen Canyon Dam and the strange Horseshoe Bend bend on this unique helicopter outing.

Neither of the tours in this categorie matches your actual results. Cruising through Lake Powell, this trip takes travellers to the air attractions of Lake Powell, not to speak of a breath-taking look at the Rainbow Bridge - a huge, gravity-defying rockbow. From Arizona on this journey, travellers will travel over breath-taking sections of the unbelievable 2,000 mile shore line of Lake Powell.

Visitors also get an airdrop of Horseshoe Bend, an uncommon bend in the Colorado River. Neither of the tours in this categorie matches your actual results. Page visitors can experience the unbelievable deeps of Antelope Canyon and the Colorado River's famed Horseshoe Bend, as well as Tower Butte and Rainbow Bridge - two stunning and massively formed dessert outcrops.

Trips to these noteworthy places can involve air travel, helicopter landing and many walking tours. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the most sought-after and sought-after travel spots in the region, perhaps the whole of southwestern America. The old slots cannon is virtually unseen from the outside, but when you enter its discrete opening in the dessert rock, a deeper, tortuous hallway leads you through several large rock "rooms" with smooth sands.

This gorge's rock faces have been smooth and ribbed by millennia of immersion in weather and winds. Because of the wave form of the wall, the world-famous skylights penetrate to the bottom of the pyramid. This unique chance to see Antelope Mayyon is not restricted to Page viewers - our Las Vegas base provides day trips!

The Horseshoe Bend is an almost perfectly shaped circle shaped cannyon cut into the ground by the Colorado River. Horseshoe Bend is another favourite for tourists and geographers and often attracts large numbers of people - and rightly so. A further great way to see the Horseshoe Bend (bypassing the masses) is by plane from the canopy.

Air photography is unsurpassed in the views from the floor! Horseshoe Bend tours are not only possible from Page, but are also available from Las Vegas on a weekly basis. The Tower Butte is a solid, natural column that rises out of the soil. Secluded in the middle of a secluded wilderness it is twice the height of the biggest sky scraper in the whole wide globe.

With our state-of-the-art choppers you climb the massive 1,605 meter and touch down directly at the top! A 360-degree panoramic shot of the dessert from almost a kilometer up is incomparable. Maybe the pinnacle of Lake Powell's scenery is the Rainbow Bridges, an amazing, natural shaped rock brigde that meanders across the long dead stream that made it.

With our round planes you take a ride over this stunning emblem - our large window gives every traveller the best possible views. Traveling to Page can involve a voyage through the mystical deeps of Antelope Canyon, an exciting land at Tower Butte, a round tour of Horseshoe Bend, or fantastic air attractions of the Rainbow Bridge.

It is our pleasure to show you some of the most stunning travel locations in American Desert Southwest.

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