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What does a taxi cost in Portugal? Since there are two addresses in Portugal, it finds the distance between them and estimates the fare for taxi services. Cupid. Taxi services in Amorin, Portugal. Taxi services in Barreiro, Portugal.

About is available in Portugal, but it is not the only taxi app you can use here.

All you need to know about taxiing in Lisbon/Portugal - Lisbon Forum

Hello, here are some general taxi information that all your visitor might find useful. There are many cabs when you are at Lisbon International Airport. Oposites there are usually tens of cabs wait. Now you' re in your cab and you' ve indicated your whereabouts. As a general guideline, tariff 1 is on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., which is the minimum tariff and is valid within the boundaries of the town.

It is Tariff 2 after 9 p.m., Saturdays and Sunday are always Tariff 2, which should capture most Lisbon-goers. Tariffs 3 and 4 should NOT be used within Lisbon as these are tariffs in case you are travelling outside the town. Airports are still considered within the town.

In the past, cabis tried to rob humans, but very rarely. That was before the date when the taxi loading charge was shown on the top screen. For example, if you see a taxi with number 3 on the top, look at the back of the taxi and it could be Cascais or any other city except Lisbon.

Because he' s out of his city, he can calculate tariff three. It'?s not that tariff 3 is so high. Tariff 4 is and you better get out or stop the taxi. In my opinion the starting fee for taxi in Lisbon is 1,90 ?. When you ask your guesthouse to organise a taxi for you because you have to drive to the terminal earlier, make sure it rents a local and not a privately owned taxi.

These boys will bill you 25 to drive to the airports while a regular taxi is let´s, so 10 ?. The majority of older taxi rides do not offer English, some younger ones do. Buckle up, Portugese chauffeurs are mad!

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