Private Hire Cars Edinburgh

Edinburgh Private Rental Cars

Rental private, taxi service & airport transfers made easy. cabs You can recognize private rental cars by the sticker on the door that says "Pre-Booked Hires Only". You will also wear a "plate" on the front and rear of the truck. Privately rented cars cannot be welcomed on the road.

If you enter a private rental without making a reservation, you declare the motor pool policy invalid and expose yourself to risks.

When you are not sure which car you are going to enter, ask for your driver's identity card. Can take about 6 month to study the roads of Edinburgh before it passes the test. This letter is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to take a cab. Our knowledge transfer enables our chauffeurs to get you to your destinations as quickly as possible.

Individual riders must complete an enrolment form and then make a payment before obtaining a driver's licence; the transfer of skills is not a prerequisite and their Edinburgh and surroundings skills may be restricted.


Serving all UK destinations, we communicate directly with arrival points to make sure we wait for you when your flights arrive. Whether chicken or stag eve, birthday parties, Christmas eve or other occasions, we are there for you. Whether a one-way trip or several pick-ups with a return trip in the evenings, we can organise everything.

Whether a one-way trip or several pick-ups with a return trip in the evenings, we can organise everything. Our knowledgeable and very knowledgeable guides are ready to help, from a half-day sightseeing trip to an extended British outing.

Airport Edinburgh increases private and charter fleets

Edinburgh International Airport's number of passenger shuttles will rise in line with a new tax ideal. This new agreement, which brings together municipal companies Downtown Cab, Capital Cars and Edinburgh Downtown Private Hire, undertakes to raise the number of private cars operating at the Edinburgh International Terminal by introducing flexibility passports for all other private cars in Edinburgh and to double the number of private rental cars with the launch of a special pool of cars.

An open and competition-oriented invitation to bid by the Frankfurt International Airports focused on the clients of the terminals and their experiences. The aim is to eliminate snakes and the times when there may be a lack of them. An important part of the agreement will be the implementation of flex passports to give riders with other companies priority rights.

Non-City Cab riders and holders can buy a passport from City Cabs that can be used at any time or at specific hours, e.g. on weekends only. This step enhances driver and owner agility and will result in more taxi cabs with direct airfares. Strict set standards of customer care have been established to ensure that the airport's clients deliver the expected services.

The waiting time for each user is shown in the terminals according to the coach time and the passenger can make a booking via a worldwide cab application. Edinburgh Airports Retail and Real Estate Director Richard Townsend said: "They are an integrated part of how many clients come to and from the airports.

Like all our choices, we focus on the experiences of our customers. "We' ve heard what they tell us and we' ve spent more on cabs, more available and better technologies. The McVay secretary of Citycabs, Les McVay: With Edinburgh being a world-class town, we are fully engaged in working with our partner cities to provide both local communities and tourists with a first-rate reception.

The City Cabs will keep working to improve the overall travelling experiences for old and newcomers. Capital Cars spokesperson said: "We are pleased to be one of the officially private rental companies working with Edinburgh International Airports to take on the role of private car hire. "Edinburgh Airport's Edinburgh Airport's unique rental car offer will more than match the number of private cars available to clients and guarantee a better client service.

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