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Taxitest Online

A sample examination is available online from the taxi and limousine commission. bristol taxi knowledge test training. Use our online test to make sure you pass the test.

Cab Drivers History Test & Drivers License Nidirect

Everyone who applies as a taxi cabbie must take a two-part theoretical test before he or she can take the practice test. During the test, what happens? During the test, what happens? The theoretical examination for taxi drivers consists of two parts: Our multiple-choice question tests your understanding of traffic security and taxi driving and is structured around the following main topics:

You must obtain at least 80 out of 100 multiple-choice marks. You must, however, demonstrate that you have a wide range of expertise in all subject areas by scoring at least 18 points in each of the four subject areas above. In preparation for the multiple-choice part of the theoretical exam, you should point to the following link:

That will test your abilities: Throughout the test you will be shown 14 videoclips showing daily street scene footage. There is at least one development risk in each of the clips, but one of the Clips contains two development risks. In order to get a high number of points, you have to react to the danger that develops in the initial phase.

For each danger, the max you can reach is five. Therefore, the same risk awareness test is used for all test types. Minimum scores for threat detection tests shall be 57 or more out of a possible 75. Learn more about risk perceptions on the preparation page for the theoretical exam.

Taxi driving licences are only granted when all conditions have been fulfilled. If no driving license is obtained, there will be no reimbursement for the taxi driver's theoretical and hands-on work.


Inside the journal this weekend I was writing about a New York taxi rider trying to break a speed limit for the quickest round around Manhattan. Recently he made a brief movie about himself riding from Houston to First Avenue'' 125th Street without even pulling a stop for a flash of flashing lights, and his next venture you can finance on Kickstarter is a movie adaption of "Waiting for the G," a Becket-inspired tale about the big one.

As all taxi riders - Lizzie Widdicombe had written about the Taxi Workers Alliance early this year - Cohen went through several tires to get his driver's licence. "You have to take a test, and you have to go to taxi academy, and you have to have British equivalence with third grade," he said. Cohen says that Europeans like to boast that their taxi riders know the New York way better than New Yorkers.

There' s also a test in writing, known as the Multi-Chice, in which riders have to do better than seventy per cent. Taxis and Limousines Commission provides a model examination online. Under the Commission's regulations, in which of the following circumstances can you decline an exhibition? a. The traveller wishes to travel to Fort Lee, New Jersey. b. The traveller does not know English. c. The traveller has a handicap. d. The traveller is a different from you.

Who of the following is on W. Street and Eleventh Street? What Brooklyn alley is crossing the Ocean Parkway? If you are driving past a pedestrian driving a bike, taxi riders should: a. Horn. b. Their flashing light. c. Increase your vehicle velocity. d. Allow lots of space. Situated at the junction of Manhattan's 155th Street and Amsterdam Street, a traveller wishes to travel to Jerome Street and 163rd Street in the Bronx.

Of the following bridges, which is the nearest that connects Manhattan with the Bronx?

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