Taxi Driver Licence Cost

Taxis driving licence costs

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Taxi Services Commission

With the law about the utility car industry 2017 the approval of cars was established to substitute already existent licenses. See Registering a car for more information. Following rates and tariffs are applicable to utility cars, driver accreditation from driver education agencies (all exempted from GST unless otherwise stated) and booking services. Replacing broken, unregistered utility license number ( same number when the broken license number is returned): VicRoads services, information on this can be found on the VicRoads website.

For all car number plates related to car rental: VicRoads car rental company website, please refer to the VicRoads website for information on this company. Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria does not accept payment in advance. Victoria Commercial Vehicles issues an invoice for a vehicle's annuity two and a half weeks before the due date and then sends a warning one and a half days before the due date if the annuity has not been settled.

Maturity of the annuity is determined by the date the car was first entered (or registered) with Victoria International Civil Vehicles. As soon as you have settled your vehicle's annuity via one of the methods of settlement shown on the bill, you will receive a voucher. Failure to comply with the car's annuity may result in suspension and/or cancellation of the car's utility status.

In the event that the approval of your car is interrupted or deleted, you will not be able to supply utility vehicles until your approval is restored or you re-register your car. Or if you do not get the car's annuity charge from Victoria Cars before the date of your vehicle's approval or have a query, please call the call center at 1800 638 802.

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