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Finding cheap flights

Find cheap flights for your cruises The latest numbers from industry magazine cruise Industry News show that the three most frequented cruising harbours in the globe are located in Florida and the most frequented, Miami, greeted 4.8 million travellers in 2016. Number one: Port Miami. Take a flight to Miami International (MIA), about 3 mile away. Number Two: Port Canaveral.

Take a flight to Orlando International (MCO), about 45 mile away. Number three: Port everglades. Take a flight to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL), about 6 mile away. Number 12: Port of Galveston. Hobby (HOU), about 40 mile away, or George Bush Intercontinental (IAH), about 72 mile away. Number 21: Port of New Orleans.

Take a flight to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International (MSY), about 16 mile away. As soon as you have decided on a cruising trip, begin your journey to the harbour: When the boat leaves at 9 am, do not schedule to arrive at 7 am, even if the harbour is only a few kilometres from the international airports.

The flights are constantly retarded (storms, mechanic problems) and if you are not there when the boat is leaving the harbour, you are unlucky and, as trips are not reimbursable, you have a great deal of cash. Be sure to arrive the morning before the departure of the trip or even a few nights before and make the harbour town a longer holiday.

In the south of Florida and other seaports there are many places of interest for all age groups. - See the nearest aerodromes. Prior to booking a trip to the nearest harbour aerodrome you should review the rates for that and neighbouring aerodromes. If your boat is leaving the Miami harbor, for example, look at the rates for Miami, but also look at Fort Lauderdale, which is only 25 mile away and may be much less expensive.

The outward and return fare - for weekdays in May - was found on at the end of last week: - If you go to one town, you go out of another town. You should review your cruising before booking flights; the vessel can take off from one harbour but land in another.

It is not unusual for cruising and here you need a two-pronged approach to find the best rates. Firstly, find and collate tariffs using a multi-city route: Departure from town A, arrival from town A, arrival from town B; then departure from town A, arrival from town A: Then find and check the rates for two one-way trips:

Journey #1 - Departure from Town A and Arrival from Town A; Journey #2 - Departure from Town A and Arrival from Town A. Take a look at these May rates for a Los Angeles Star Trek tourist who will take an Alaska Tour. Leave Anchorage and end her journey in Vancouver.

There are two seperate one-way flights found on a comparative finder for trips in May: Please be aware that one-way flights are not always cheap; you must always make comparisons. - Don't neglect the transport between the airports and the ports. A number of cruises companies offer an air transfer between the terminals and the vessel in the total fare; see if your line provides this or if it provides an option to fly from the aircraft to the docks.

Otherwise, see if the airports offer harbour buses or a cab, Uber or Lyft. When you are eligible for a free bus service, you should consider where to await (and how long to wait); some airports sites like Miami's bus service schedule for various airlines at the terminals.

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